Reputation is the most important asset a person has. That’s true personally and it’s true in business. And so, it’s advisable to take steps to guard one’s reputation. It’s equally important to stay away from those who might ruin one’s reputation.
Unfortunately, in every occupation, there are (mostly) good apples and (always a few) bad apples. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, teachers, nurses—you name it—have professional associations to monitor and keep members on track. And they have the powers to discipline and expel members who do not operate according to the standards. The same is true of realtors, mortgage brokers and building inspectors. And nearly every business type has its association to work collectively on mutual interests and monitor and encourage ethical conduct.
Until now, no such association existed for Rent-to-Own operators. While we provide a valuable service to help people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to get into their own homes, and most of us take that responsibility very seriously, there has been no professional guidance. Occasionally we hear of unhappy outcomes from tenant-buyers who were taken advantage of by unethical operators. We cringe at such stories. Most of us want no association with such scum-bags.


That is why we have launched the Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals. We want to protect the good reputation of those of us who operate professionally and ethically. We want to distance ourselves from any scum-bags that may exist out there.

We want the public to know they can have full confidence in rent-to-own professionals who are members of CAROP. And we would be happy if those who aren’t willing to commit to our Code of Conduct weren’t long in business.
CAROP urges potential clients to avoid rent-to-own programs where it isn’t evident that the operators have the best interests of the client in mind, where there are not legally developed written contracts, and where a credit coaching component is not built into the program. To be safe, just make sure any rent-to-own operator you or your friends may deal with is a member of the Association.
I’m honoured to have been named the first President of CAROP. But, even in that position, I could be kicked out if I don’t follow the Code of Conduct. I assure you, this will not be a concern.
You can learn more about the Canadian Association of Rent to own Professionals by visiting our web site:
Do you have friends in other parts of the country who might benefit from a Rent 2 Own program like ours? We’ll gladly refer them to a CAROP member in their area.