A chance to meet a legend
Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the best-selling personal finance book of all time. And its author, Robert Kiyosaki is the best-selling personal finance author of all time, with at least fifteen books and three board games . I have many of them.

So when I had the chance to hear him live last night in Vancouver, and receive a free copy of his latest book, I grabbed the opportunity.

I’d recommend it to everyone. We get virtually no financial education in school. Most of us are forced to pick up whatever we can along the way. And most of what we pick up is a) presented by those who have a vested interested in selling us something (e.g. banks, etc), b) those who have a vested interest in keeping us ignorant, or c) flat out wrong! That’s why it’s so hard to get ahead financially!

Kiyosaki has a passion to change all that. His message: You’ll never get ahead of the game by working harder at what isn’t working for you now. You’ll only get ahead when you educate yourself, learn how the financial game really works, learn what the rich already know that’s brought them their wealth. You need to change your mindset to change your bottom line.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad was controversial when it first came out 14 years ago. But it changed the future of millions of people around the world because, for the first time, they started thinking outside the box of the (mostly wrong) information they’d picked up along the way.

Kiyosaki spoke last night with passion about his desire to educate people to get ahead financially. “I don’t need any more money,” he said (He’s believed to be worth about $85 million), “But my job isn’t finished.”

I didn’t really learn much that I hadn’t heard before, since I’ve read most of his books and many others on the topic. But I did come away slightly more educated and motivated, picking up one or two new thoughts.

And that’s the main point: Kiyosaki is absolutely correct that the key to getting ahead is to get more educated. That doesn’t mean going back to school; in fact, that would likely be counter-productive. It means reading books, like his, it means going to seminars like this, it means taking action on the things learned.

If you’ve never gotten into this, then the place to start is to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I will send a free copy of the book to anyone who subscribes to my Action newsletter (see the sidebar).

And I also came away with his latest book: Why “A” students work for “C” students (and “B” students work for the government).

Playing Kiyosaki’s game Cashflow 101 is another way to “learn the rules of money.” Every time I play it I learn something new. Currently, I’m hosting a Cashflow 101 game night every third Thursday, including May 2. Everyone is welcome!

Bottom line: If you’re on this blog list, you probably have an interest in getting further ahead financially. The first step to doing it is increasing your financial education (from whatever stage you’re at). Do something. The results will prove its worth. At least, that’s my experience and that of thousands, perhaps millions, others.

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