“I have a dream,” said the man whom our American friends honoured Monday.


Martin Luther King Jr’s zeal to make that dream a reality turned him into one of the most respected Americans of all time.


“This is a twenty-year dream come true,” said one of my clients recently as he moved into the “new” rent-to-own home they had chosen.


“I’ve found my dream home,” said a prospective client I chatted with yesterday. “I’ve pasted a picture of that home into my scrapbook and I will own it one day.”


She’s got the right idea. I think it was in my first reading of the book The Power of Focus a dozen or so years ago–a book I’ve gone back to many times since for inspiration–that I was first introduced to the idea of putting your dreams into pictures, pasting them on your wall, where you can see them every day, the idea of visualizing the outcome of your dreams.


I can’t say I’ve done that as extensively as I probably should, though I do have symbols of my dreams scattered around my living and work spaces.


In the same vein, Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, advises us to write out our dream, then repeat it twice every day, until we have achieved it.


Many of us have dreams, but we don’t do much to make those dreams happen. It’s great to dream. But if we want to realize our dreams, we need to focus, and then to take action! 


That’s what Martin Luther King Jr did. And that’s why there’s a U.S. holiday named after him today.


If your dream is to own your own home, what are you doing about it? Will that dream come true?