I guess there are a lot of reasons why I love rent 2 own. But the biggest one is that, in rent 2 own, at least with the client-first program that we follow, everybody wins! It’s a win-win-win-win-win! First and foremost, the frustrated renter gets into the home of their dreams, the one they have picked.

Our investors win because they get to put their investment dollars into a much better investment than the stock market while helping a family achieve home ownership.

A home seller gets the sale they have been waiting for, and might not otherwise have had if our tenant-buyer hadn’t come along. And both our realtor and the listing agent get their commissions from that sale.

And, finally, it keeps us busy doing what we like to do–helping people, and providing the income that we need to keep doing it.

What else can you do that helps so many people at once?

Maybe this is the year that you take the next step toward home ownership.

Whether or not you take that step, I still hope that you are successful at whatever you aspire to. And I still would like to do what I can to assist. Maybe that’s just the way one is at this stage in life.

That’s why, when you visit our Rent 2 Own site, you have the opportunity to join this blog.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the decades, it’s that the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there still is to learn. That is especially true of financial education. We should never stop learning if we want to succeed. That’s why I’ve significantly increased my readings on financial and personal success. And so I have a passion to pass on some of the things I’m learning, to help others reach their dreams faster, as well. In part, I do that through my Action newsletter.

Last week I introduced plans to increase my writing to provide more helpful tips for renters, homeowners and those in transition. I introduced a new “Action Plan” where the hard-copy Action newsletter will become an online newsletter serving up to 20 times more people than before. I’m sure many more of you will want to take advantage of this. I urge you to subscribe to it.

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Last blog post I also shared how those who join the new Action Takers’ Club will get a whole lot more. You’ll get the Action newsletter sent to you in hard copy each month, plus a bundle of extra materials, including a quarterly Action Extra insert, with more financial education, success stories, motivational pieces and humour.

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I’ve made the deals so good that everyone can afford them. The question is only: Do you want to? and Do you think you could use the occasional tip on your path to success? Is a good financial tip worth 10 or 15 bucks? That’s all it takes when you become a charter member of Action Takers’ Club.