Sunday morning, Valentine’s Day, the TV was on in the background as I edited photos from my recent trip. CBC NewsWorld. Boring news, not amorous movies. It didn’t take me long to realize, though, that every single ad was for dating services. Several different web sites. Not your usual Sunday morning ad mix on CBC, I don’t think.
Then it occurred to me: I guess singles are particularly vulnerable to such advertising on Valentine’s Day. They feel more snubbed on this day than any other. And the Sunday morning audience on Valentine’s Day is likely heavily tilted towards those who didn’t have a date last night.
Easily explained!
Later, I noticed another unique occurrence associated with Valentine’s weekend. A huge spike in applications to Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own. This will be a busy week for me.
Now, that’s a curious phenomenon, I thought. Why this huge spike on Valentine’s weekend? This one’s tougher to wrap my head around. But, being a curious sort of guy, and wanting a logical explanation for everything, I cannot just dismiss the observation without further reflection. So, let me speculate:

1. Single people who checked out the TV advertised web sites found my ad in the right-hand margin where Google ads typically go. But, wait a minute: I haven’t bought any Google display ads, just those that show up in Google searches. So, probably it can’t be this.
2. Those who are down about not having a partner for Valentine’s Day re-direct their affections toward the next most expensive investment in life, a home. This leads them to our web site. But did my applications come mostly from singles? I guess I’ll find that out.
3. The applications came from those who got jilted at the start of the weekend, or got turned down for the date they’d hoped to land. So they couldn’t sleep, spent the night surfing the net, and then applied to everything they found that might lift them out of their mourning.
4. The applications came from non-singles whose happy Valentine’s Day experiences refreshed their optimism about life. That optimism led them to explore the next step in moving up the home ownership ladder. “Together, we can do this,” they said in unison. And they applied.
But, then again,
5. Maybe the applications came from serious, searching people who’ve been looking for the right opportunity to get into home ownership and decided to explore further the opportunities we offer. Given the strong real estate market, the new mortgage rules that went into effect Feb. 15, and all the attention the media has given to the hot real estate market lately, they decided to make a move now, before prices go up even further. Maybe, it was just coincidence that there was a spike in those taking the next action step to home ownership on Valentine’s Day weekend. Nah! Could this really be coincidence?
So, if you’re one of the applicants, single or partnered, who’s receiving this blog post before I’ve been able to follow up your application, you’ll know why.
Meantime, anticipate the love that comes with owning your own home.
If you haven’t applied yet, know that rent 2 own works equally well for both singles and partnered. No excuses; it might work for you.
And guess what I was doing Saturday, Feb. 13th! House-hunting with rent 2 own clients.
Oh, by the way, the contest in last week’s blog post is not yet closed. I encourage you to get in your 6-word (or less) motto for Canada submission. You can see last week’s blog post, and the contest details here.

Quote of the Week:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton