“It’s all about team,” is one of the first principles you learn when studying business and entrepreneurship.

When I was taking training to become a Rent 2 Own professional, it was hammered into us to find the right lawyer, the right mortgage broker, the right realtor—to form a team. “You can’t do this by yourself; you need people better than you at what they do,” we were advised.

That theme comes up over and over as I attend seminars and workshops, and read business development books. Trying to do everything yourself means your spending way too much time doing the things you’re not good at instead of focusing on the things you are, is the way Ken McElroy put it in the book I just finished, The Sleeping Giant (which, by the way, everyone should read who has thoughts of doing something on your own, big or small.)
Some of this may be obvious; the people I mentioned above, for example. I’m no lawyer, so I need one. Some, though, are not so obvious.
I knew from the start that, if I was going to do this, since online marketing is the bread-and-butter of the industry, I would need someone far more skilled than I with the internet. So, I went out and hired a high school whiz kid recommended by her school counsellor. Whew! What a relief! Hopefully, she could keep the web site functioning and updated, and my computer doing the things I thought it should.
That girl went on, and others followed. And the role increased. It allowed me to do more of the things I’m good at—like writing, for example–and less of those that someone else can do just as well, like layout and design, posting ads, keeping the databases up to date, etc.

Meet Elfa Reykdal. Nearly two years ago I hired her as my administrative assistant. She does the above noted tasks, and much more, to help this business run smoothly. And can take over some of my work, when need be. And she does that all in about ten hours a week.

Her tremendous help in running this business also gives me more time to do the things I love, like travelling. You may have noticed that I’ve done a bit of travelling this year. And the business has kept running smoothly through that time. Thanks to her!

It also allows me to dream and plan and create, instead of being so caught up with busy work. I think everyone needs time for that; it’s part of what brings joy and hope to life. [Look for a big announcement in this regard coming soon!]
Do you enjoy the “Life hacks?” It was Elfa who came up with the idea. And it is she who researches and finds them, to give this blog extra value.
So, if you enjoy the layout and design of this blog, or the life hack tips in it; if you appreciate that my business doesn’t sag seriously when I’m away; if you care that I can focus on that which I do best, then give a virtual high-five to Elfa.
And, if you’re in that position, think about the benefits you might achieve by getting someone to look after the things that keep you mired in the morass of “busy-work” or interfere with the fulfillment of your life dreams. That’s true for anyone, not just entrepreneurs.
I know, it’s hard to take that step sometimes, because we erroneously think it’s going to cost us money. In most cases, it’s the opposite; it makes us money.
At least, that’s how I see it . . .

Rent 2 Own tip
Realtors tell us this crazy hot real estate market is starting to cool down somewhat. They say properties are now staying on the market longer before being sold and now without the rush to buy, there are not so many multiple offers bidding up the buying prices.
If so, that is an extremely recent trend that may have just started and, that being the case, who can say that it is even strong enough to be called a “trend.” Maybe it’s just a blip.
At least in Abbotsford. The August statistics are out. Detached home prices are still up 39% from a year earlier. And strata properties not that far behind, with townhomes up 32% and condos up 28%.
Maybe a perceived slowdown is a “trend.” But the elevated prices don’t make it any easier for homebuyers who have been priced out of the market. Or for renters who can’t find a suitable property. Rent 2 Own may be a suitable solution for some.

Quote of the Week:
Never get tired of doing little things for others. Those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. – unknown