It was perhaps six or seven years ago that I first ran across an “Explainer” video. I didn’t know it was called that, but I was intrigued.

Someone does cartoon drawings on a “whiteboard” while explaining a concept or program.

It’s become a popular marketing tool. And, apparently, a quite successful one.

So, I thought, why don’t I do one for Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own?

So I did.

I thought I’d post it on my website (among other places). But then I thought: Why don’t I share it with my blog group, and get their feedback first? Afterall, they’ve all been to my website (that’s how you get on this list), so their feedback should be helpful.

So, I’m attaching a link to this post, so you can view it and give me your reaction.

I don’t have fancy online survey technology but, after you view it, please hit the “Reply” option and answer the following questions. You can keep it simple, by just responding with something simple like: 1-a, 2-a, 3-c, etc. Of course, you can add any comment you’d like, as well.

For everyone who responds, I’ll send you a digital copy of one of my two books shown on the right.

From all the entries, I’ll also draw for a free hard copy of the #1 best-selling personal finance book of all-time: Rich Dad, Poor Dad (27 million copies sold.)


1.Overall impression:

a) I like it

b) it’s lousy

c) so-so


2. How well does it summarize our program?

a) quite well

b) poorly

c) about as well as you can do in 2 short minutes


3. About the length: Is it

a) too long?

b) too short?

c) about right?


4. About the graphics:

a) cute

b) they don’t do anything for me

c) fair-to-middling


5. On which page of our website should I post it (website link below, in case it’s not top-of-your-mind)?

a) Home page

b) About Us page

c) both


6. I would like you to send me your book:

a) Why Own When You Can Rent?

b) Money Habits For Success

Thank you so much!

BTW, I always appreciate any feedback I get on my posts. Did you know that they go out to over 7000 people?