What’s your end goal?

Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious to everyone. So, I ask the question: What’s your end goal when it comes to having a place to live? Choose one of the following:

  1. a) I expect to live on the street
  2. b) I’ll be a renter forever
  3. c) I hope eventually to become a homeowner
  4. d) I already am a homeowner (please see below)

I expect no one answered a). But if you did, I’m wondering why you’re on this database because it is composed of people who have visited our website. You may want to skip this post, or just read it for personal enjoyment. Join a few others who read my posts just for personal enjoyment. I’m honoured that you do.

If you answered b), then I suspect it’s because of either of two reasons. It may mean, on the one hand, that you’ve given up hope of ever owning your own home. In part, I sympathize with you. The market and bureaucracy and government policies have made it ever more difficult for the average person to realize a dream of homeownership.

But I don’t think you need to give up. A strong will and responsible action can get many people to that goal. It all starts with education, knowing what steps to take, in what order, to get to the point where, with or without the assistance of rent 2 own, you can rekindle that hope.

Or it may be, on the other hand, because you’ve never recognized the value of owning your own home. Neither our education system nor society, in general, has done a good job of educating us in that regard. And there are a few misguided voices who actually dissuade the notion of homeownership—hey, there are a few contrarians in every crowd.

For either of these reasons, I urge you to purchase my book Why Own When You Can Rent? from Amazon ($1.39–you can afford it.) Just click the link to the right.

And, for general financial education, it wouldn’t hurt to also read my book Money Habits for Success, also from Amazon ($3.69, but it’s 3 times as long). You can click that link here, too.

If you answered c), congratulations! You’ve achieved the first hurdle to getting there, making it your goal. But goals take motivation, dedication, and time. I hope you are taking steps to get there. Foremost among them is educating yourself as to what it takes to qualify for home ownership. Read up on real estate, watch the market, keep track of evolving interest rates and government policies. I try to help you with that in these posts (and you might also benefit from my books on the right).

Then, get active with the steps needed to get you to homeownership. Start saving for a down payment. Start (or continue) building your credit. If your income is unstable or from source the bank considers risky (e.g., self-employment), take steps to achieve the stable, secure income the lenders require. Establish the lines of credit a lender will look for and build a solid history of financial responsibility.

Knowing what to do and doing the right things will get many people to that goal. Again, congratulations if you can do that on your own initiative!

But, if you feel uncertain about your ability to succeed on your own, or if you want to get onto the path to home ownership more quickly, then the rent 2 own model is the perfect solution. We are all about helping you reach the goal faster than you would be able to on your own. We are an education program, a coaching program, and an incentive program, all wrapped into one, that allows you to get into the home you will eventually own several years before you qualify for that mortgage, and at a price set now, before prices take off again.

What if you answered d)? Then I have three more questions for you. 1. Is you mortgage up for renewal? If not, you can skip to question 3. If it is, then I ask you 2(a) will your payment go up? And 2(b) will you be able to afford it? And 2(c) might you be caught in a very tough financial situation, possibly even facing foreclosure? If not, you can also drop down to Question 3.

But if you answered Yes to 2(c) do not despair. We might be able to help you. It’s called our “Foreclosure Rescue Program.” We’ve saved a number of people from losing the homes.

Instead of having to giving up your home to the banks, having them sell it out from under you, forcing you out of the property when it sells, and putting you back into the long-term rental market (because you won’t qualify for another mortgage anytime soon when there is a foreclosure on your record), our Foreclosure Rescue Program allows you to continue living in the home you’ve spent years building equity and love into. You never have to move. You may have to give up title while in our program, but you get that back at a discounted price when you complete the program. And– who knows?– the rates may be lower then. And (a big one), you avoid the stain of a foreclosure on your credit bureau.

I urge you to contact us today if you are facing that situation. Don’t wait until a judge gives the bank Power of Sale. Then, it’s too late for us to help you.

Question 3. If you dropped down here because you answered No to question 1 above, then I extend my congratulations to you, too. You are in good shape. But you may know someone who couldn’t answer No that question and who may be facing foreclosure because of high interest rates.

I urge you not to let them lose their home without making the effort to help them out. Refer them to our program and, if successful, we’ll even give you a referral fee for allowing us to help them.

And, who knows? They may even be so grateful to you that they take you out to dinner.

Just sayin’ . . .