What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving

It’s that time again when we remind ourselves of the things that we are thankful for.

At least, I hope that’s what it is. Did you pick up the nuance in that first sentence?

It’s a lot different from saying that it’s the time of year when we give thanks for our blessings. Sure, I sincerely hope we do that this Thanksgiving. But, hopefully, not just at this time. Hopefully we don’t embrace that spirit just once a year.

Hopefully, we have an ongoing spirit of thankfulness, and we use this occasion to stimulate reflection on those things for which we have reason to be grateful (all the time) as we gather around the turkey feast.

With reduced celebrations this year (assuming we take seriously the guidance of our health officials), our time for reflection should increase. Here are some things I’m reflecting on this year for which I’m grateful.

– for family and friends of which I am deeply blessed;

– for personal good health and strength, something I should not take for granted;

– for opportunities to engage in thoughtful conversations with people of diverse views, so as to grow as a person, and to develop a broader appreciation for the cultural and philosophical diversity within which we live;

– for the tremendous beauty and the outdoor opportunities of the natural environment within which I live;

– that there is a level of concern that we maintain and restore that natural environment, and efforts are being made to do so, at least in comparison to many other parts of our planet;

– for the leadership of Bonnie Henry and her team throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and the trust our premier has had in her, giving her that leadership mantle;

– for British Columbians who have taken the coronavirus seriously, followed her guidance, and kept us from becoming the disaster that many other parts of the world—and even parts of our country—have become in responding to this pandemic;

– that I live in a culture of relative freedom to embrace the beliefs and attitudes I deem worthy of holding;

– that I have the freedom to be an entrepreneur;

– that our election is not as dysfunctional as the one happening south of us;

– for the opportunity to make a living at an endeavor that allows me to help people—specifically, in their quest to get ahead in life by becoming homeowners;

– for rent 2 own clients who take the program seriously and reach a successful conclusion to their program (and for the hugs I get when that happens);

– that I live in Canada, not the United States, at this time—from both a pandemic and a political point of view. (Despite the fact that it will really mess up my family’s usual Christmas event, I hope the border remains closed at least until we have a vaccine—that Americans actually take– and until the anticipated post-election rioting has run its course.);

– that I am not a turkey.

But, please, enjoy yours on this Thanksgiving Day.