A friend was recently telling me how apprehensive she was about going to Johannesburg, South Africa for an event. It’s downright dangerous! Everyone is in danger of being robbed, or murdered.

All windows are apparently barred. The bedroom area of a home is barred off from the rest of the home at night. And each property is also protected by a fenced yard. This, in an apparently “liberated” country, one of the most progressive in Africa.
What I saw in Capetown some years back was quite different: a modern western-style city where I could have easily lived, were it not in South Africa. The contrasts are extreme, but the caution is clear: One should never get too comfortable; this is, after all, South Africa.
The conversation about Johannesburg, though, made me reflect on how blessed we are to live in Canada. But for a few sketchy areas here and there, we do not have to bar down at night. We do not have to watch our back side every step of the way. When criminal activity and violence occur, they are the exception, not the norm.
So often we don’t appreciate that!
Sure, we celebrate our wonderful country when we host the Olympics, when we win a world hockey championship, when our women’s soccer team competes on par with the best in the world. Last Sunday, I had the privilege of attending our big win over Switzerland, and the national pride was phenomenal! [Unfortunately, we later got knocked out of the tourney by England.]

Once a year, In addition to these special events, we take a day to celebrate our country.
So, what are we celebrating? Our democratic tradition? Our freedom from fear? Our place in the world? Our opportunity to excel at whatever we choose? Our cultural and social liberties? Our right to believe what we want, and respect one another’s beliefs? Our multiculturalism? Our world achievements?
Or is it just a day to party in the sun: to go on some rides, listen to live bands, drink, watch the fireworks?
This Canada Day, I’m reflecting on the great opportunities we have because of the country we live in!
Including the opportunity and freedom, to celebrate!

Rent to own tip
When you are into a rent 2 own program, you are responsible for your own utilities. For many who have always rented, this may be the first time you are responsible for these things. What many do not know is that there are many providers of these services; just like with cell phones, you are not limited to one provider. So shop around, and get the best deal you can.

Quote of the Week:

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. – Aesop