January 10, 2019
                            No. 232
Welcome to 2019! Welcome to our blog!

First of all, Happy New Year!

We’ve had a tremendous surge of new sign-ups to our blog post lately, so let me welcome our many new subscribers!

In this blog post you receive a regular mix of information related to the real estate market and, specifically, rent 2 own. We try to keep you updated on the latest news on these topics that may affect you, and opportunities that arise from time-to-time. After all, most of you joined this list because you are interested in that.

But we also blend that info with other scribblings about life. Sticking strictly to the aforementioned topics can get kind of boring; you might decide to quit reading just about the time crucial new information comes out that you need to know. So, we try to keep you engaged with more interesting stuff—observations about life—that I’m known for. I am a writer and enjoy putting into print my musings about daily life. I know some long-time subscribers read this blog primarily for those pieces.

How did 2019 start for you?

For me, it started with a big shock. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were fantastic! They went as planned, and hoped for. No more details need be shared.

Then came January 2.

It was a phone call I never expected and was totally unprepared for.

“Elmer died last night!”

Elmer was one of my closest friends, a mentor and all-round supporter. For those of you who have completed a rent 2 own program with us, he may have also been your investor in the deal.

I’d visited him in the hospital the morning of New Year’s Eve. He’d had a mild heart attack two days earlier. When I saw him, he was on oxygen, but recovering well. It had been determined that a stent he’d had inserted three years earlier had failed. He was looking forward to getting it replaced.

The procedure was scheduled for January 2. His widow reports that he was doing remarkably well when she left the hospital after 5 pm on New Year’s Day, looking forward to his procedure the next day. By 7:30, she’d gotten the call that he had passed after a massive heart attack. I was one of the people she called the next day.

Some of you may have gone through something like this yourselves. You may know how this feels. But this is the first time I’ve gone through this with someone so close to me, other than my own father. But my father had deteriorated very gradually, after many “near death” episodes, that when he finally did pass, it was sad, but no shock.

A big hole has been left in my life. Elmer won’t be there for me when I would really like him to be.

There are others who, I’m sure, feel the same. Elmer was that kind of guy, befriending and mentoring others around him.

I have fifteen more years before reaching his age at passing. But it is still sobering to reflect on. It gives me pause to consider how fragile life can be, and whether I have my affairs in order, should I leave others in a similar situation to which I, and others, were left.

And also, to consider whom I may one day leave behind who will have appreciated my friendship and mentorship in their lives.

I hope there are at least a few.

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Quote of the Week:It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. – Samuel Johnson
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