I was listening to a motivational/success interview the other day that gave me a lot to think about.
Formally, the interviewee was not a highly educated person, but he was highly self-educated. He claimed a library of about 2000 books (presumably mostly self-improvement types).
Had he read them all? No, he frankly admitted. For some, he hadn’t gotten past the table of contents. He might get back to them one day, but not now.

Then he explained: “I read until I get three good ideas that I can implement within the next thirty days. Then I quit and start implementing those ideas. That might be ten pages, or a hundred pages, or maybe just the table of contents, or the back page”
Both the interviewer and I confess that we do the opposite. I’m obsessed with reading the entire book. If there are fifty good ideas in the book, all of which I’ve committed to implementing when I first read them, I will probably have forgotten most of them by the end of the book. And I’ll probably implement none of them. (I do assume though, that at least some of those ideas will have implanted in my sub-conscious and affect me later).
There’s a reason he retired as a millionaire in his twenties. I didn’t.
I don’t need three good ideas from that interview. I think I got the one that will make a difference.
Lately I’ve been reading one of those books that has given me about fifty ideas. Think I can remember them?
I’ve decided to go back and pick three big ones to work on – as soon as I’ve finished the book.

On another note  . . .

Last week I introduced some new initiatives that could help everyone get ahead by organizing their finances, saving money—perhaps even making some, and possibly even improving your credit scores.
One of those opportunities relates to realigning your utility bills. This is an opportunity to streamline, secure your utility costs, perhaps save some money and, if you decide to join as a business partner, make some significant money every time your friends do the same.
Utilities offered include digital telephone service, long distance service, internet, satellite TV, natural gas, home security and computer support. You can sign up for any one or more of these services. For each service, there are a variety of plans to choose from. Some may be cheaper than your current provider, some not, but they are always competitive.
But here’s what I really like about the plan. It’s tied to the Play for Food charity. Every time you pay your utility bill you feed a hungry child!  Now, is that cool, or is that cool?
If my bills are about the same with this company as they would be otherwise and I can feed a hungry child every time it gets paid, guess who I’m paying my bills to. And, if I can organize my payments better, save a little, perhaps even build my credit score or make a little money? It’s a no-brainer in my books. (And I don’t even need to read to the end of that “book” before implementing.)
To learn more about this opportunity, simply reply to this blog post and I will get you the information to get started.