I hadn’t thought about it until a friend pointed it out in his newsletter.

My friend refuses to use the new hi-tech machines. And it’s not because he’s such a traditionalist.
Here’s the rationale: McDonald’s has always been a great starter job for youth just getting into the work force. Their training programs have been touted by many parents as key to their kids getting a good, solid start and learning the good habits to make them successful later.
These machines take those jobs away; they reduce job opportunities and, more importantly, eliminate many from those great training programs. Did I mention? My friend has a passion and his own training program to help youth get grounded in entrepreneurship and successful money management habits.
A protest of one won’t make much difference. But, I think I’m going to double that to two.
And I invite you to join us, as well.

And speaking of “join me”…

I think I mentioned last Fall that I’d purchased a houseboat on the Shuswap Lake as part of a bigger venture I was starting: West Adventures.

Well, that venture is being launched today, and you can read all about it here.
Where does the houseboat fit in? Well, eight of the trips we’re offering happen to travel the Trans-Canada Highway and go right through Sicamous, the house-boating capital of Canada. Why not give all those travellers an overnight houseboat experience?, I thought. So, I bought the boat.

Our trips will utilize the houseboat only mid-week. So it is available for rental almost every weekend all summer (and a few mid-weeks, too). Bookings are starting to come in for the coming summer, and we expect to fill up entirely.

Would you like a weekend houseboat adventure on the pristine waters of Shuswap Lake? Then please check out our website, www.remoteescapevacations.com. Our prices are below those of the big companies out there, especially when you split it up among the eighteen people the boat is capable of holding. Join me on a Remote Escape Vacation this summer.
And finally . . .
Yesterday the new provincial program went into effect that lends first-time home-buyers half their down payment. Apparently, they’ve been working feverishly to get the details put together in time for this. And, apparently, the restrictions are quite limiting.
There are still too many uncertainties, though, to fully analyse how this will affect a rent 2 own scenario. Until there is a little more detail available and perhaps some experience, we are reluctant to change our qualifying criteria for rent 2 own. We wouldn’t want to set up anyone for a nasty surprise in the end.
But stay tuned; we will keep you posted as we get more information, hopefully in two weeks.
Meantime, I’m off to London (UK) on Thursday for the Adventure Travel trade show. I hope to book a few people onto that houseboat and the rest of the West Adventures.

Quote of the Week:
As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big. – Donald Trump