Driving through Southern Oregon on my trip to California last weekend, I said to myself, “Why would anyone fly to San Francisco?
Okay, I love road trips; I love scenery; I love landscape. That’s one of my great pleasures in life. And seeing the world has always been one of my goals, as impossible as that will be to complete.
Southern Oregon is phenomenally beautiful. Especially in Fall with the multiplicity of colours.
But, there are other reasons, too. It takes me 16 hours to drive to San Francisco, a good day’s work, to be sure. But if I drive from Abby to YVR, arriving 90 mins. early for the international check-in, perhaps waiting for a connection in Seattle, waiting again for baggage at SFO, then driving an hour to my daughter’s home, after getting the car rental, I’ve taken up at least half that time. Then, I add the cost of flight and car rental and discover that I’m also paying double or triple what we do in my wife’s Yaris.
There’s another reason to drive this, and that’s more to the point of this editorial. It puts my head into a different space.
When I eject myself from my typical daily (business) routine and my daily home office setting, I see the world differently. I look at it more objectively, and much more creatively. And, since I find driving mostly relaxing (except in stop-and-go traffic), it gives me opportunity for a lot of fee-flow thinking. Some of it is creative, some utterly absurd, some far-fetched, some brilliant, I’m sure.
The absurd and far-fetched will probably be lost or deliberately dispatched, the creative and brilliant hopefully incorporated into future directions. The challenge may be to sift these thoughts into the right pile.
Maybe that’s why southern Oregon looks so gorgeous on this drive. The landscape stimulates the creative and beautiful thoughts running through my mind.
Seventy-five years ago Napoleon Hill wrote what is still considered to be the top financial success book of all time. Think and Grow Rich is, as the title connotes, a book about thinking. Success starts in the head, says Napoleon Hill. It’s also a book about commitment and determination. It’s a book about perseverance. And all of that stems from getting your head into the right space, getting it to think positive and creative thoughts.
It’s the same for everyone—entrepreneur, employee, artist, home-owner, frustrated renter.
Sometimes it just takes a special occasion, though, like a road trip, to get our heads into the right space.
Maybe for you it’s not a road trip. Maybe it’s something else that will get your head into the success mindset, whatever your success might be.
If your success would be finding a cure to your frustrated renter syndrome, then Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own just may have the tonic. “Think” about it!