I don’t know about you, but the long drawn-out U.S. election really stole a lot of my time last week.

For someone who likes sports—well, really all competition and challenges—what could be a more ultimate challenge than the U.S. presidential election, especially with so much at stake? (Well, maybe the Olympic gold medal hockey game.)

Network TV on the U.S. election had me totally distracted (as well as many others I’ve talked to) all week.

I had all kinds of excuses:

“I’m really not that busy right now.”

“It only happens once every four years.”

“It’s the most significant election of our era; it could change the world—or not”

“There’s not much else happening because of covid—no hockey or curling or cultural events or weekend activities or social gatherings, so one has to find something to capture the imagination.”

“I can still get my work done if I just keep the TV on in the background.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the world did not take a hiatus while awaiting the U.S. election results:

– Hurricane Eta tore into Nicaragua and Honduras;

– Civil war emerged in Ethiopia’s Tigray region;

– Our BC election final results came in, giving the Horgan government an even bigger win than election night anticipated;

– Covid19 infections sky-rocketed across the country; now we’re facing further lockdown measures because we’ve been so casual in our reaction (I now have to wear a mask, plus my curling is cancelled for two weeks, and my travel is restricted!);

– Hockey icon Howie Meeker died, at age 97;

– Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek died (on the same day), at age 80; and

– Remembrance Day crept up on us.

I waited all week for the U.S. election results to be confirmed. It didn’t happen.

Saturday, I finally embraced another, more healthy distraction than sitting on my couch—or computer chair—watching (or at least listening to) the latest election results and opinions from every informed—or not-so-informed—analyst or pundit the news networks could press into giving an opinion.

Instead, I went hiking. I joined a Meetup group doing the steep Mt Nutt hike in Golden Ears Park. It was invigorating, good for both the heart and muscles, socially enjoyable, with a great group of fellow hikers, and with a fabulous, rewarding view at the top.

Between leaving my home and arriving at the trailhead, though, the big news came out that the election had been declared (by the networks) in Biden’s favour.

I had missed the big moment.

Oh well, we all knew this was coming anyways; it was just a matter of time.

(Now, if only Trump could figure that out!)

Saturday evening I watched the speeches from Vice-president-elect Kamala Harris and president-elect Joe Biden. I was deeply moved!

But will it change a lot in the Disunited States?

If only Biden-Harris had won more decisively on election night, they wouldn’t have taken my week from me!

I might have watched, more spell-bound, the rising covid19 statistics (lol).

Or done more hiking.

It’s a good thing these things only come once every four years. But I don’t consider it time wasted.

At least, that’s the way I see it . . .


Now that we can concentrate more on other things, I encourage us all not to forget to honour, on this Remembrance Day, those who helped to bring us the freedom we enjoy.