“You sound like you really enjoy what you do,” wrote the person who responded to a recent blog post.

I do, in fact, enjoy what I do. I enjoy the writing part, not just because writing is a crucial ingredient of modern marketing, but because I really enjoy the craft, itself. I was once a full-time editor/publisher of a national magazine, and it’s in my blood.


I also enjoy putting together deals, especially creative deals. And rent 2 own is creative real estate investing.
I enjoy interacting with people, and a lot of my business involves that. Whether or not they choose to sign up for our program, the coffee meetings I have with potential tenant-buyers is almost always a highlight for me.
And, I certainly enjoy the notion of helping people. Helping them get mortgageable, helping them get into the home they’ve dreamed of, helping them build their financial and personal security. A great satisfaction comes with helping someone else to a better life.


As I thought about this, I also recalled a video I recently watched, by Mark Cuban, a very successful entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas. The video gave 12 requirements for starting a successful enterprise. Number one on the list was: “Do that with which you are obsessed, or something you love.”
So, really enjoying something is a necessary ingredient for success? I think Cuban is right. From my experience, it sure helps, anyway.
I thought to myself: How many people are not doing what they love? How many people are just plodding along with something they find as drudgery, and are not really successful at, but are too scared to say, “Enough of this! I’m going to change my life, and do something I enjoy much more.”
Okay, I know, change can be difficult. Inertia is a powerful force. If it means temporary loss of income during a transition period, uprooting may seem too risky. But if it’s true that you can achieve greater success with something you love than with whatever you’re doing right now, then any short-term loss needs to be weighed against long-term gain. I think there are a lot more who should consider taking that step than actually do.
Now, of course, that doesn’t mean recklessness. A few blog posts back, I wrote about doing adequate due diligence. And, I stand by that. Making a bold, risky move without proper due diligence is reckless.
But living with the inability to achieve your dreams simply because you’re locked into the inertia of something you loathe may be a worse prospect in the long run.
At least, that’s how I see it . . .
Rent 2 Own tip
Toughening mortgage qualification policies mean high credit scores and good history with credit lines are crucial. But with education, motivation and commitment, almost any credit can be repaired within three years. At Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own, or any other reputable rent 2 own provider, credit repair is an integral ingredient of the program. We work with you to start the credit-building process immediately on entering a rent 2 own contract. If your credit is already strong, we still monitor it from time to time, to ensure that it remains strong.
If you are considering a rent to own program, make sure that any provider you contact has a good credit repair program. Otherwise, you may not be set up for success.

Quote of the Week:
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius