A conversation today with my mastermind partner (a topic for another day), got me thinking: What does it really take to be successful?
Formally or informally, we set goals for ourselves. We want to retire at ___ (name the age); we want to have enough money to do whatever we want; we want more vacation time; we want a big promotion; we want a new ____ (you name it); we  want to write a book (apparently 80% of people dream of this). Most of us never achieve the big dream. It’s too far off or too big, or requires too much sacrifice. So we feel like failures.
Is that the best way to think about it? Is it all-or-nothing? Achieve the big dream or be a failure?
“I need to learn to celebrate little successes along the way,” she said to me.
Don’t we all!
If I achieve a small step towards my big goal, is that not a success?
The problem is, I think, that we get so distracted by the ultimate goal that we fail to appreciate the significant steps in the interim. We all know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” But do we act consistent with that knowledge? Success is rarely achieved in one fell swoop. (Okay, if you win the lottery, it just might be, but that’s a rare exception.)
If we make a small step of progress towards the ultimate goal, is that not success? And, if so, is it not worth celebrating? And I mean, celebrate!
Recently a friend received word of acceptance into a program she’d wanted to get into for some time. We went out and celebrated–with Champaign! It’s not a done deal. She still needs to pass the program, then get a second rate placement before even having the possibility of getting the position she’s been dreaming about.
Celebrating interim successes makes us feel like a success instead of a failure. And if we feel like a success, we’re well on our way toward achieving the ultimate success. It’s a proven fact that our mindset is the major factor in achieving our goals.
So, the fastest way to success may be to recognize, then celebrate, the little steps along the way toward that ultimate success!
That’s what I’m banking on! Will you join me?
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