We were camping at a gorgeous little lake deep in the interior of BC. Sometimes labelled “The Caribbean of the North,” the azure waters of this spectacular lake were crystal clear; you could see clear to the bottom throughout. A fishing/canoeing/kayaking lake. 

We decided to jump in for a swim. After all, the kids from the campground were enjoying the refreshing waters, with their super-soaker games.
Caribbean-looking waters does not mean Caribbean-feeling waters! It was chilly! “Aren’t you cold?” we yelled to the kids. To which they gave the afore-mentioned response.
The kids were having fun. They were not discouraged by the chilly waters. They had a bigger goal in sight. What’s a little discomfort along the way?
I thought of that significant principle in relation to my own life. There are always challenges and inconveniences to overcome if we want to get ahead. Do I power through them, or let them divert me from my larger goals?
I thought of the many clients and potential clients I have with our rent-to-own business. I see some of them “powering through,” working through the challenges to get ahead in the long run, setting a goal to get into home ownership, and using that motivation to overcome the challenges and inconveniences along the way.
I see others being diverted from their goal when they hear of the sacrifice and the discipline required to get there.
That’s the way it seems to be in most of life. Sometimes the big picture drives us. Sometimes we succumb to the hurdles we face in the effort. One’s life seems to be a mixture of the two.
And, so, each day, it’s worth taking a step back to look at the bigger picture and asking ourselves, “What’s driving me today?”
To a big picture day.