A motto that sits on my desk says: “Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.”

Living by that mantra, I think, yields a happy life. Mine is pretty happy.

That said, there are circumstances that make it easier to on us.

So, when a list of “The most important things in life” dropped into my Inbox recently, I took notice. It struck me that these are the circumstances that make it easiest to be happy.

Some on the list are totally within our control, some not.

When we’re in tough on those that aren’t, can we still be happy?

Last week I visited my cousin who has terminal cancer. He was happy. Not because he was dying but because he’d accepted his circumstances, has had a good life and is at peace about it, and has time to make the most of the time he has left.

So, I offer you the (unedited) list of 10 most important things in life (attributed to Sandhya Tiwari.)

Good health: You are worthless without your good health. Once the disease comes close to you, you are gone. Having good health is one of the treasures of life.

Gratitude: I have food on the table, running water and roof above me. I remember this every single day.

Mental stability: To overcome fear, pain, loss, life’s changes, to balance one’s life in roller coaster situations.

People who care about you without any motive: So that you can count on them on bad days. Someone who pushes you for your good. Socialization is vital in humans’ life.

Freedom: To choose how to live, where to live and many things that lifts you up.

Peace: Peace over anything on the other side.

Something to look forward to: To be better than yesterday, to achieve certain goals you have set.

Nature: Life is impossible without nature. Nature can cure anything and anyone.

Consistency: Reading regularly or taking care of yourself regularly and improving yourself in certain areas of your life.

Love: Life is worthless without love. Love can be in any form or shape. Not choosing to eat meat is love to animals. Planting trees to take care of nature is love. Love is everywhere.

Though I wouldn’t swear they are necessarily the 10 most important, I can’t mount much of an argument with any of them, at least not the headings (though maybe some of the commentary).

And I wouldn’t necessarily order them in that sequence, although I’m not sure there was any ordering implied.

What about you? Do you agree with them?

Do they offer encouragement?

Did any strike you as novel or new?

How would you order them (if you chose to)?

I’d love to hear from you.

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