September’s here! Which means summer’s done!

So I thought I’d ask a simple question: How are you feeling about what we’ve come through, and where we currently are?

I decided to do it with a stimulating quiz. Of course, this being a (sometimes) rent-2-own blog, there will be some questions on that, too.

How do you feel about turning the calendar to September?

  • a) I like getting back into routine.
  • b) Sob, sob! Summer fun is over!
  • c) Fall is my favorite season.
  • d) Why did you have to mention it? I’m already depressed.


How do you feel about this summer’s weather?

  • a) Loved it!
  • b) Far too hot for me!
  • c) I bleed for the farmers and the firefighters.
  • d) Planning my next tropical vacation to Spuzzum.


How do you feel half-ways into this election campaign?

  • a) I’m enjoying it. (You must be Conservative or NDP.)
  • b) Very concerned! (You must be Liberal.)
  • c) Yawn!!!!!
  • d) What election?


What are your main thoughts about the Afghanistan situation?

  • a) It’s heart-rending to think of those who couldn’t get out.
  • b) Our government(s) sure bungled this up.
  • c) I’m sure glad I don’t live in that part of the world.
  • d) Are Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan all brothers from the same mother?


Regarding Hurricane Ida:

  • a) It’s disheartening that the same poor people get blasted again!
  • b) This is why we need to get way more serious about climate change.
  • c) I’m sure glad I don’t live in hurricane alley; I’ll take 30+ weather anytime.
  • d) Why do they keep rebuilding a below-sea-level city in hurricane alley?


Concerning the current covid 19 fourth wave:

  • a) Why doesn’t everyone just get vaccinated to stop this curse?
  • b) I sure hope they don’t clamp down on us again.
  • c) When will I ever be able to travel again?
  • d) I’ve learned a lot about myself during this long hiatus.
  • e) I’m so glad I’m vaxxed!
  • f) Just lock me up somewhere, and let me know when I can emerge from my cave.


Concerning the current housing market:

  • a) I despair that I’ll ever be able to own a home.
  • b) Eventually this bubble will burst; I’ll wait it out.
  • c) Can’t qualify at these prices, so I’ll try rent 2 own.
  • d) I hope there’s still room for my cardboard box under the Pattullo Bridge.


I spent way too much money during this pandemic on:

  • a) Alcohol;
  • b) Skip the Dishes;
  • c) Netflix;
  • d) Toilet paper.


In checking out Rent 2 own I’ve learned that a rent 2 own program can help with all but which one of the following:

  • a) Bad credit;
  • b) Not enough funds for a down payment;
  • c) Too short a work history;
  • d) Not a high enough income for a bank mortgage.

I understand that, for a rent 2 own program, I will need an initial deposit of:

  • a) $5000;
  • b) 4-5% of the property value;
  • c) One month’s rent;
  • d) Deposit??? Hahahahaha.


I long for:

  • a) A return to the way life used to be, pre-covid;
  • b) Travel again;
  • c) The day the Stanley Cup finally returns to its rightful home in Canada;
  • d) CERB to last forever.


How do feel about a quiz on the first day of September?

  • a) Not fair to have a quiz on the first day of school;
  • b) You missed a good question: ____;
  • c) I was forced to think about some things;
  • d) It was fun.


I’d love to see how you answered, but, unfortunately, this CRM program is not interactive. You can, however, click Reply and let me know what your answers were—or provide any other comments.