Random thought #1: The notion in the above headline is misleading. We’re just starting toward normal with a few baby steps. And what’s normal, anyway? We can only guess what the “new normal” will be.

RT #2: The acceleration of our move to an online world, brought on by this isolation, will likely stick. Apparently Shopify recently passed RBC, if only momentarily, as Canada’s largest company by market capitalization (it’s still 7th today.) What does that say about our changed habits?

RT #3: As the summer sun beckons, I think people will explore a lot more of BC than they’ve been accustomed to. Yes, they’ll stay “closer” to home, but they sure won’t stay home. Highways, I expect, will be busy but mostly with BC plates.

RT #4: Many of us are becoming better cooks and bakers—and even enjoying it. (Why else are the supermarkets always short on flour?)

RT #4a: I’m (surprisingly) impressed with the job Doug Ford has done in guiding Ontario through this. So, I took his advice, and made his cherry cheesecake on Victoria Day. . . . mmmm!

RT #4b: Having gotten used to doing our own cooking, baking, home repairs and improvements, yard work and decorating, will we all remain more self-sufficient? I wonder if restaurants that don’t survive this will even be replaced because we’ll likely dine out less.

RT #5: Our country and our provinces will likely become more self-sufficient, too. Will globalization be reversed, at least temporarily?

RT #6: How long before I can get onto the schedule for a beard trim?

RT #7: Will road rage increase as commuters who got used to smooth sailing on empty highways get jarred back to the former reality?

RT #8: When schools reopen, will Phys Ed teachers have to get back in shape? Did they have anything to do when they were teaching from home?

RT #9: As we avoid sitting in each other’s living rooms and patios, but meet in public parks instead, will the next run be on portable lawn chairs? (“Limit: one lawn chair per customer!”)

RT #10: Besides Coronavirus and COVID-19, new words are coming into everyday usage: pandemic, PPE, modelling, WHO, Wuhan, Trumpism, Bonnie Henry. . .

RT #11: The biggest losers as a result of the pandemic? Likely the airlines and others in the international tourism industry. The mass disruption will likely lead to much steeper prices, and such travel may revert back again to the playground of the rich.

RT #11a: I’m so glad I’m not in that industry at this time.

RT #11b: The reduced pressure on some of the world’s most popular attractions like Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the Galapagos, the Great Barrier Reef, the Indonesian orangutans and the African gorillas, just might save them.

RT #12: The biggest winners from the pandemic? Besides the obvious: online shopping channels, delivery services, pharmaceutical and PPE manufacturers, Plexiglas makers and installers, Scotties tissues, etc., will probably be The Banks. They manage to manipulate such crises in their favour (as they did in 2009), and we see it happening again. Our “big five” are all among the 15 largest companies in Canada.

RT #12a: The other big winners are everyone who has educated themselves financially, because they are not prisoners of the circumstances around them, but know how to survive and prosper through every market condition. (Hint: everyone can educate themselves.)

RT #13: Will my beloved CFL survive this?

RT #14: If she ran, would Bonnie Henry be elected premier of BC?