Seizing our opportunities

“Has anyone ever told you, you look like . . .?”

“Yes . . . I get that question almost every day!”

Okay, I finally caught on. When you’re a look-alike to one of the hottest TV stars these days, there ought to be some opportunities out there.

Maybe I could be a double on the set. But, alas, the show is finished filming.

“Go to Las Vegas,” they said to me. “Look-alikes do a swift business down there.” Yah right! But, maybe I could have a little fun with this.

Then my daughter called, wondering whether I could help her reno her condo in San Francisco. Of course, I could, and a little side trip to Las Vegas over the weekend would fit in just fine.

I didn’t really make any money. But I did have some fun with this. And the juices were flowing– How could I take advantage of the opportunity to enhance what I was already doing?

Bingo! The light went on!

My advisors have been urging me all along to use my writing skills to greater effect, to help and encourage people, as well as to build my business. “Promontory Education” is currently in the pre-launch stage. Soon, we will be providing educational resources to help people get ahead in life—stories of success, stories of encouragement, along with financial education. It aligns well with my desire to help people get ahead in home ownership through our rent 2 own program. As I interact with people, I find there is tremendous opportunity to motivate, encourage and educate, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get ahead.

So, my first book: “Bad Breaks – stories of people who faced challenges not of their own making, and overcame them.” I will emphasize that you don’t have to devolve into making drugs to pull yourself out of your circumstances, drawing principles from the stories I share to encourage people to keep their chins up, regardless of where life experiences have taken them. To be overcomers.

So I need your stories. Have you overcome a “bad break,” not of your own making? Email me with a few details, and I’ll follow up to see if the story fits into the book I’ll be writing. You don’t have to be a writer; I’ll be the writer. Just summarize your story in a few sentences.

And, by the way, are you on the look-out for opportunities you can seize? They’ll be different from mine, to be sure, but I’m convinced that we all have many opportunities that we miss just because we’re not looking for them.