Other People who Benefit from Our Services

The primary beneficiary of the Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own plan is, of course, the challenged home purchaser. However, there are opportunities for many others to benefit, as well.


Unwilling to tolerate the fluctuations of mutual funds and the stock market?
Not satisfied with the low returns offered by investments like GIC’s and Canada Savings Bonds?

Perhaps you’ve already put your investment funds into real estate, but you’re still stuck with uncertain markets. And now you’re stuck with “toilet and tenant” problems, as well.

Our program improves on all these options, and goes one step better!

Would it make sense to invest your funds in something that yielded double digit returns and was backed by real estate, but without tenant headaches?

Would it make even more sense if that return was taxed as a capital gain rather than as interest, saving you half the taxes you’d pay otherwise?

That is possible with rent 2 own real estate investments. And some opportunities may be RRSP eligible.

For many people, their home equity is one of their largest assets. However, few use it as a tool to create further wealth. Would it make sense to borrow against the equity in your home, at 3 or 4%, and invest that money in a safe, secure and easy opportunity achieving double digit returns?

Benefits of investing with Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own

  •  Your investment returns are substantially above average
  •  Your investment is secured by being registered on the title of a specific property
  •  You may be able to use registered funds
  •  You will not experience the hassles and risks associated with typical real estate investment opportunities
  •  We do all the work; this is virtually hassle-free for you
  •  You feel good about helping Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own change the fortunes of deserving clients, right here in the Fraser Valley.
  • Everybody wins: the investor, the program, the client !!

For more information, and a personal consultation, contact us by emailing: ron@FVrent2own.com

There are four ways realtors can benefit through involvement in our program:

1. Getting a sale that you’d lost because the buyer failed to qualify for the mortgage they “thought” they could get. Bring the potentially “lost” client to us and get the deal (and the commission) anyway, by having us buy the home on behalf of the client.

2. Getting a sale by bringing us a client whom you wouldn’t have gotten in the first place, because you pre-determined that they wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage. When you refer such a client to us, and they qualify for our program, we’ll use your services to get the deal done—not a salvaged deal, as in the first case, but a bonus deal!

3. Increasing exposure to your listing by having it advertised through our sources. We’ll help you advertise homes that our prospective clients may find suitable; the ones they see advertised on our sites are the ones they have an increased likelihood of wanting.

4. Buyers who want more: sometimes young professionals with good incomes can skip the “starter home” stage by moving directly up to a higher value property, were it not for their short employment history and, possibly, student loans. By working through us, we may be able to move them into a substantially higher valued property than the banks would qualify them for at this time—you get the sale either way, but with substantially higher commissions and a happier client.

For more information, and a personal consultation, contact us by emailing: ron@FVrent2own.com

Mortgage Brokers

You no longer have to turn away clients who are too hard to finance. Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own is a financing alternative that is flexible like no other program offered by your list of lenders. We can help when any of the following obstacles stand in the way of your client’s mortgage eligibility:

  • Low down payment
  • Bad or no credit
  • Self-employed
  • New immigrant
  • Too short employment history

Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own will work around these obstacles, helping the new home-buyer overcome whatever caused them to be turned down in the first place.

What’s in it for you? Instead of losing the client, we will keep you involved with the client so that you will be the one doing their mortgage at the end of the lease-option term. Thus, you will get your commission, anyway. And what’s more, we will pay you to keep up contact with the client!

Perhaps you have other clients with significant equity in their home. They might appreciate the opportunity to participate in a safe, secure and easy investment. They could borrow that equity at low mortgage rates and invest it for double digit returns.

For more information, and a personal consultation, contact us by emailing: ron@FVrent2own.com

Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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