At this time of year people typically take a look at their lives and do a re-set. Perhaps you’re among the masses who have made New year’s resolutions.

Hopefully you’re not among the many who have already broken them.

I don’t do “resolutions,” at least not in the usual way. I do look ahead, though, at the opportunities that might come along in the next year.

It’s like seeing the glass half full, not half empty–I think that living optimistically is the best way to live.

So let me help us imagine some of the opportunities that may be coming to us. Maybe something will fit for you or, at least, stimulate your imagination.

First, let’s build on last year. If 2023 was a very good year for you and you met your goals, did that create an opportunity to be even more aggressive in 2024? If not, why not? Or is it time to consolidate your gains?

If 2023 was a disappointment in meeting your goals, what did you learn from it? Can you use that knowledge to tweak your plans so that you can reach your goals this year?

What about relationships? I look at what I might want to build on. Do I need to get more social? Or do I need to reduce dependence on others and learn to be more self-reflective or self-reliant? If more social, what can I add? If less social, what do I give up?

What about health? How did I do on the four pillars of health last year? Which of them do I need to improve on in 2024? How will I do that? What opportunities might I grasp to motivate me, and help me, to do that?

What about travel? What places beckon that are within my budget? Even though it’s not listed as one of the pillars of health, travel is, for me, an essential element to a balanced worldview, and partially satiates my inherent curiosity.

How about your job situation? Are you happy in it? Are there steps you can take to improve it? a promotion? a sideways transfer? or even look for something new? There are so many new opportunities coming on board currently. Do they beckon?

More generally, here are some of the societal opportunities I see opening up this year:

  1. All the new housing initiatives announced last fall will begin to find action, at least later in the year. There should be a lot of new jobs coming on board in construction industries, where there is already a major shortage. If you’re looking for a job change, maybe it’s time to consider a construction trade, where wages are climbing rapidly.
  2. The Trans-Mountain pipeline is supposed to begin flowing in spring. Masses of construction workers from that project will be looking to transition into other projects. Will this get other infrastructure projects that have been lagging, like the #1 highway expansion and the Massey Tunnel replacement, a boost? One can only hope!

And the hotels along the route that have been fully booked for the last few years should have lots of vacancies, and therefore deals. And many are at or near BC’s outdoor playgrounds. (Did I mention travel?)

  1. The gig economy. Online platforms like Amazon (and many others) have made it easy for almost anyone to make a few extra bucks for themselves. If you’re finding yourself a little short on income (and who isn’t these days?), there is so much potential, and an abundance of free courses to help one get started with a small enterprise at whatever one likes to do. 2024 could be a very good year for anyone with a little creativity and the initiative to take the ramp onto the internet economic highway.
  2. Housing. Interest rates have stabilized and mortgage rates have already started coming down. An RBC report just before Christmas predicted there would be a mini housing boom this year, meaning prices rising again. We may be in a bit of a lull before that happens. Is this an opportunity to grab a deal before prices escalate? My son just did. Maybe for you, a rent-2-own opportunity?

And finally . . .

Calendars from 1996 are apparently a hot item on Ebay right now, going for up to $200 apiece. (Did I mention gig economy?) That’s because they’re identical to 2024 calendars, and people like the retro aspect of the old ones. The next time this happens, we’re told, will be 2052. Why not check the attic for those old 1996 calendars? But I wouldn’t sell them on Ebay. I’d save them for 2052 when, who knows how much they’ll be worth by then?

And, of course, mention them in my will.