Driving back from Calgary, Monday, gave me a lot of time to think.

Okay, I had been to another conference. And just like a couple of previous occasions, I had driven, not flown. I enjoy road trips and this is one of the most beautiful road trips there is.

But I like the trip also because, for ten hours or so, I have focussed time to reflect—on the conference just completed and on other things. I use the time to feed my mind, and that includes listening to the latest motivational and success strategy ideas.

On this occasion, it was a comment by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine, which got me thinking. He’d interviewed several people on personal achievement topics, then closed the CD by sharing his own rituals for achieving success in his agenda. And, believe me, he is a high achiever.

Like all high achievers, his success formula begins with his morning ritual. So he shared exactly how he prepares for the day, from the time that the alarm clock goes off, until he’s out there doing whatever his business day involves, his morning ritual for ensuring that he is ready in spirit, body and mind before he tackles the day.

Now sharing our personal morning ritual with thousands of people we don’t even know might, for most of us, not be the most comfortable thing we can think of; the exception, of course, being those who already naturally do that via their hourly Facebook updates. I’m thankful, though, when those who are highly successful share some of their secrets and don’t mind letting us in on their personal lives.

But, I digress.

Here’s the thing that got me thinking. Hardy said that, while he is yet in bed thinking the day through in his head, he asks himself the question: What will it take for this day to be a success for me? “What three wins do I need, to call this day victorious?” This is the key to making the day a winning one, he said, because it focusses the mind on the things we need to look out for.

Now, of course, both Hardy and I (we do have at least one thing in common) are entrepreneurial types who control our own agendas. But I don’t think it’s any different for the person working at a regular day job. I think this can be applied universally to give a more successful, satisfying life. The types of things we identify as wins may be different, but even within ourselves, they will differ from day to day.

I’ve heard others tell me part of their morning ritual is to identify “x” number of things for which they’re thankful. That sounds good to me, too. But the “three wins” idea Hardy mentioned really resonated with me.

It’s widely acknowledged now, that success at anything begins with the thoughts in your head. If the seeds aren’t planted there, the results will not follow. So what better than to put into my head three wins that will make this day a successful one?

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Quote of the Week:

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet. – Mahatma Ghandi