Right about now, you’re likely receiving all sorts of New Year’s greetings and encouragements to make New Year’s resolutions.
Well, you know what? New Year’s resolutions suck! I can’t state it any clearer than that!
I heard a statistic recently that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are ever kept. Probably the same success rate, if not worse, than any other decision a person makes at any time of the year.
So, I’ve dispensed with that nonsense.
Instead, I thought I’d share with my blog followers, my hopes for 2016.
I hope:
– that it will be another successful year for me and my business, for my clients and my future clients;
– that I’ll be able to double the number of people I am helping get into home ownership;
– that I’ll be able to double the number of people I’m helping to get better investment returns;
– that I will be able to help more people learn about finances, investments, home ownership and how to get a mortgage;
– that our new government will not make too many rookie mistakes;
– that the economic downturn that some are predicting will not happen;
– to keep healthy and become more fit;
– to keep learning and growing;
– that I’ll grow my blog list and increase engagement with my readers;
– that I will be able to realize more of my travel dreams this year;
– to make new friends and keep the friends I have;
– that I’ll figure out how to more effectively use social media to communicate with my contacts;
– that certain obnoxious American personalities will not win election down there;
– that my Oilers will finally make the playoffs;
– that my Roughriders will regain their glory of 2013;
– that my own investments will do well this year;
– that the new residence I’m moving into will prove to be ideal for my needs;
– world peace (of course, how could I not include this?)
Just making this list has helped focus my thinking and given me some encouragement and motivation to take steps to be effective and successful in 2016.
What are your hopes for 2016?

Quote of the Week:

As my dad said, you have an obligation to leave the world better than how you found it. And he also reminded us to be givers in this life, and not takers. – Phil Crane