July 6 is my special day of the year, and it really is special. Especially this year, when some of my family from afar are here.

No, it’s not “a big one;” like those that end in a 0 or something like that. And they didn’t really come for my birthday, but for my niece’s wedding. They just stayed over long enough to help me do a little celebrating!

Celebrating can come in many forms. Sometimes the birthday person gets gifts. I’m mostly past that by my age. But I have gotten some nice birthday wishes by mail or email, though. Some from dear friends; some from people I’ve never heard of. (I guess that’s marketing strategy these days.)

I don’t know everyone on this blog list. I just know that you cared enough to check out my web site, add your name to the blog list, and many of you appreciate these posts. I want to say thank-you to you.

And, because I’m in the gift-giving mood today, I thought I’d let you all in on it, too.

I decided to give you the gifts on my birthday!

Well, actually, there are two different versions of my gift to you!

Here’s the deal: I’m offering you $1000; either as cash or as credit toward a rent 2 own program.

So, there are two ways to win. You get the $1000 credit toward a rent 2 own program IF you fill out an application for our program this week between now and Friday night at midnight, and ultimately enroll in our program based on that application. To be eligible, simply fill in the words “Happy Birthday” in the area of the application where it asks, “How did you hear about our program?”

The second way to win is to refer someone to the program, and when they fill out an application and ultimately enroll in the program, you get $1000 cash. To be eligible for this, you must email me by Friday midnight, telling me that you wish to get in on this birthday gift, and give me the name of the person you referred. I will watch for that application to arrive before the end of July.

Let’s all share in the birthday gifts this year. I call that a win-win situation!

That’s what we’re all about here at Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own; creating win-win scenarios that help us all.

Thank you for joining me in my birthday celebration!

Quote of the Week:
A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.William Arthur Ward