All of our celebrations will be a little—or a lot–different this year. Mine fall into the “a lot” category.

But as we reach the conclusion of his very unique year, it’s great that we can end it on a positive note. Whatever our compromises, Christmas can provide a festive ending, and leave us with a happier memory of this whacky year. We just have to be a little creative.

A summary of what we have gone through this year and where it’s gotten us, by iconic Canadian newsman Tom Walters, had me recounting the good news that I can think about over this festive season.

– We’ve escaped the virus pandemic much better than so many others, particularly our neighbours to the south and the east;

– My rent 2 own business has not suffered this year; in fact, it’s been my best year. And none of our clients have had to default because of the pandemic;

– We finally have a vaccine—2 of them, in fact—and it’s already being injected into the arms of many Canadians;

– My 93-year-old mother in a long-term care home is still healthy, has escaped the virus, and has been designated for the Moderna vaccine in the very near future;

– I still have a loving family and friends, even if I can’t see them in person this Christmas;

– This unprecedented year’s hardships have come at a time in history when we have Zoom, Skype, Face-time, Google Meet, and others, as well as endless software apps and computer programs to fill up some of our forced isolation;

– hockey (though not everyone’s favorite pastime), is back, helping relieve the malaise for many of us; for others, probably helping to relieve some relationship pressures;

– 2021 looks to be a better year!

After Walters recounted the tremendous sacrifices put forth by previous generations who faced several world wars, the great depression, famines and pandemics before we had such advanced science and instant communications (covid19 death tolls still pale compared to many of the big pandemics of history, including the 1918 Spanish flu), he concluded:

Perhaps there has never been a generation before us asked to do so much good with so little sacrifice.”

Yes, we’ve had a tough year, but there are reasons, both in retrospect and prospect, to be encouraged.

Despite some sacrifices, to be sure, I’m planning to make this season truly festive, as best I can.

How about you?

To a creative, festive season . . .