My passion to see the world must have started by about age five. Though I was never able to realize that passion earlier in life, it never died, either. Family and work responsibilities always came first, though (as they should). By age 55, I’d still never crossed an ocean. But with family responsibilities now diminishing, I made a commitment to still see as much of this amazing world we live in as I could. Though work responsibilities still severely limited my options, I did fulfill the #1 trip on my bucket list: a trek to Mt. Everest base camp.

Since then, I’ve done a few more trips to various places. Most of the world, though, remains for me to discover.
With increasing flexibility of my time and the strong encouragement of friends, I’ve decided to ramp up my adventure schedule and fulfill a few more of my travel dreams before I get too old to enjoy them.

So I thought . . . Why not organize a trip and invite my blog followers to join me? It could be a great group experience! And we could spend time together musing about the various aspects of life that I tend to muse about in my blogs.

So this is your invitation to join me to see . . . (drum roll here) . . . Machu Picchu, one of the new “Seven Wonders of the World.”

The trip also includes an excursion into the Amazon jungle to see the exotic flora and fauna of the tropics and experience native life.

Has travel been your dream, too? Would you love to see the lost empire of the Incas?
I’ve put together an itinerary that includes having a professional tour company, headquartered in the area, to guide us through most of the trip. We’ll also be interacting with fellow travellers from around the world. I’ve done a few similar adventures and the interaction with people from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel, etc. is also a big part of the experience.
This is a 14 – day trip, with two optional add-ons that could extend it to 21 days, depending on how much adventure spirit (and time and money) you have available. The adventure includes the classic Inca trail trek. So you will have to be in decent shape, and able to camp out for three nights on that trek. But there’s lots of time to get into adequate condition between now and then. If I can do it, you probably can, too.

Of course, you’re thinking, what will this trip cost? Well, until Feb.3, there is a special deal on that will bring the trip down to $2987. That’s under $3000 for this incredible experience! After Feb. 3, the price rises a little. The trip starts in Lima and ends in Cuzco, so you will also have to arrange your own transportation to and from Peru. Or I can help you arrange that, too.
You will have to act fast, though, not only to get the best price but also because of the time it will take to get the needed shots (You can’t go into the jungle without a yellow fever shot, for example) and, perhaps, build up your conditioning. Plus, Inca trail passes need to be reserved early.
Oh, and one other piece of good news for those who can’t, or simply don’t want to, trek and camp: you can enjoy sight-seeing around Cuzco for an extra three days and then take the train to Machu Picchu to rejoin the main group.
Now, I know most of us don’t just have an extra $3000 (plus travel) stashed under our pillows. But a few of us might just be thinking . . . Would it be better to spend my money on an adventure or on that new truck I’ve been considering (or whatever shiny object you’ve got your eye on)?
Well, there was a study that sought to answer the question: Can money buy happiness? The conclusion was that: If you spend your money on things, then it does not buy happiness, but if you spend it on experiences, then it can buy happiness. It is worth spending money on those things that bring lasting memories and fulfillment to life.
Now, I wouldn’t want you to spend the $3000 you’ve been saving up for a deposit on a home of your own, or a rent 2 own home, but if that dream is turning into a pipe dream that can’t be realized anyways, then maybe this option will give you an alternative source of fulfillment to life. And, it’s way cheaper!
Something to think about!
Click here to see more detailed information on this trip.

But, remember, don’t wait. Send me an email me
for more information.
Liberal government changes mortgage rules (again)
In an effort to dampen the raging real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver, the Trudeau government has changed the mortgage rules. The new rules will effectively eliminate 5% down mortgages for properties valued over $500,000. Any amount above that will need at least 10% down in order to get CMHC mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is required for all properties with less than 20% down, and the federally regulated CMHC is by far the largest mortgage insurer in Canada.
The good news is that this will probably not affect Fraser Valley Rent 2 own and our clients. Most of our deals are based on achieving 10% down, anyways, plus most of our deals (all of them, so far) are under $500,000. However, it is a policy to bear in mind when considering larger deals. With the rising Fraser Valley market, more and more “average” properties are no reaching the $500,000 level.

Quote of the Week
There is no greater fulfillment as the pursuit of dreams. – Lailah Gifty Akita