Our personal story is a key ingredient to our financial success. That’s what the success coach stated in the interview I listened to yesterday. He suggested building our personal story by going back through our life and high-lighting the key event of each year.

It was easy for me to pick my key event for this year; it happened last week.

You see, until last week I’d never experienced grandfatherhood. Technically, I still haven’t. But for all intents and purposes, I’m now a grandfather.

Twice over!!!!!


Okay, I’ll explain. The mom is actually my wife’s sister, but she’s the age of our own kids. With no other near relatives in the area, she and her husband have been informally adopted into our family. When we take family pictures, they’re on them.

Last week she delivered healthy twins! A boy and a girl, 5½ pounds each. With her own aging father 1200 kms away and her husband the only member of his family on this side of the Pacific, we are, effectively, the babies’ grandparents. Call me “papa.”

I’ve been down to Bellingham (their home) to see them every day so far. Has it changed my life? You bet it has! Has it changed my story? You bet it has! Will it contribute to my financial success? Well—I hope the success coach is right, but that is not really important right now

But significant events do change our lives! “New” is always exciting! Marketers know that, too. Why else do they trumpet a slight product tweak as “new and improved.”
But just as “new” changes our perspective on things, on products, on life generally, new often doesn’t stay new very long. The tweak becomes yesterday’s news, and another “new” is necessary.

Unless, of course, it’s a life-changing event! Like my new grand-twins.

When I move from one rental into another one, that’s just a new rental. When I sell my old house and move into a new one, that’s just another new house. New, but not really life-changing.
But when I move from a rental into my own home, might that be a life-changing event?
Something to consider . . .
Gotta run, now—off to Bellingham. I’m sure I can hear the twins calling “Papa.”
Employment opportunity still open
I’ve received a number of responses to the position advertised last week, but the position is still open for another week. It is for a part-time, somewhat flexible, but demanding, administrative position. See the ad on the sidebar.

If you missed Jennifer’s story in last week’s blog, I’d encourage you to not pass it up.  Here is that link again.

Ron Geddert