Remember the old song, “Those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer”? Maybe you don’t, because you may be a lot younger than I.

I remember them from the days when I was still in school, and summer was “lazy.” A whole two-month break without responsibilities, enjoying the hot prairie sun, playing. Without a care in the world.

It was bliss, two months out of every year!

2017 07 26 lazy

Somehow, that just doesn’t apply so much when you have to work 49 or 50 weeks out of every year. Especially, if you can’t take your vacation during that wonderful summer period.

Despite that, somehow, I’ve never transcended, er– escaped, er—been motivated to escape, that yearning, and that paradise, of summer. The same feelings return every year. I am, truly, a seasonal person.

On the up side, somehow I’ve managed to wiggle my way into scenarios that allow me still to take considerable advantage of those lazy, hazy, crazy days, to still relish them and participate in their exhilaration.

On the down side, it’s hard to stay motivated, energetic and efficient with one’s responsibilities during these days.

So how does one retain the motivation and energy to accomplish what needs to be done despite the malaise that feels so right? I certainly don’t have any definitive answers, but a few thoughts come to mind, some of which I’m trying to implement.

1. Take advantage of the increased early daylight. One needs slightly less sleep in summer than in winter, I’m told, and with the early dawn, it’s easier to get going in the morning. Be productive in those early hours of the day when you have the most energy, and before the laziness and haziness beckons too strongly.

2. Manufacture time. Combine fun summer activities, for example, with the exercise you need to get anyways. In winter I’ll go to the gym from time-to-time, not because there’s any enjoyment to it, but just to stay healthy. There’s no need for that in summer because I can easily make my play-time also my active time. For me, that includes such activities as hiking and cycling. I accomplish two things in the same time, and free up more of my time for “lazy” activities.

2017 07 26 Ron at Lake small

3. Reallocate the work schedule to accomplish more in a few days, and then take extra days off. OK, not everyone has such flexibility. For those who can, though, working four longer days and then taking a three-day weekend vs. the normal 5 and 2, helps one enjoy the summer. Or, if you can allocate your time so as to concentrate your work when the weather isn’t so nice and take off time when you get those lazy, hazy days, that’s even better. Most people, I think, can manipulate at least a little favourable time allocation.

4. Wear clothes that help you enjoy those lazy, hazy, crazy days. For me that’s short-sleeved shirts, shorts, when appropriate, and sandals, when appropriate.

5. Make sure you actually do those activities that require summer sunshine on those days when you have that opportunity, so that you won’t regret later the way you spent your summer.

At least, that’s how I see it . . .

The Canadian dollar is soaring

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Canadian dollar has really been rising against the American dollar, surpassing $.80 on Monday. This is attributable to several things: a strong economy, rising oil prices, and worldwide uncertainty about the direction of the American economy.

How will this affect rent 2 own? The main way that I see is that it will put further pressure on the Bank of Canada to continue raising interest rates. I opined with the last small increase two weeks ago, that it would hardly affect the housing market or rent 2 own scenarios. However, if rates keep going up (and they won’t immediately, but could in a few months), then our costs will increase and there will be pressure to increase the rents in our model.

Counteracting that pressure, though, continued rising interest rates may put a bit of a damper on housing prices. If one can get the same property for a few dollars cheaper due to higher interest rates, then the increased costs of business may be offset.

Stay tuned! We are in interesting times. But there seems to be no reason either to delay or accelerate home-buying decisions.

Quote of the Week

What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are. – George Eastman