Help! My landlord sold the place I’m in and now I have to move! I’m so tired of moving every couple of years! I want my own place!
I get those kinds of calls and emails regularly. I’m sick of moving all the time, is a common theme, one of the big reasons people choose rent 2 own. Well, I want you to know . . .
I. Feel. Your. Pain.
Readers of this blog may remember that I made a move at the end of October. I’d sold the family home that we’d lived in for eight years. I’d bought a condo to move into. But three weeks before the move I found out that the condo wouldn’t be ready for my occupancy in time. Hastily, I arranged a temporary “furnished” basement suite.
Multiply your imagination by 4. “Basement” did not mean one storey down from the street but 4 storeys down (you read that right)—64 steps to be exact.

Even though it was furnished, I still had 15 boxes of personal items, computer, printer, business files, food, etc, to move down there.
All my other stuff went across town to a storage unit. For 2+ months I operated out of that basement suite. I didn’t need a gym to keep fit.
I got possession of my condo Jan 1 and spent portions of two weeks on clean-up and minor renovations.
This past weekend I moved again. 15 loads X 64 steps X 2. My Fitbit read 18,000 steps on Friday.
Sunday afternoon, it was the stuff from the storage unit. A nearly full 15-ft U-Haul load. Gazillion trips from the locker to the truck, another gazillion from the truck to the condo. But everything is in. Though boxes are piled everywhere, I have a comfortable workspace as I write this blog. Sunday’s Fitbit reading was closer to 20,000 steps.
The pain I feel might just be my muscles screaming out for further exercise before my Machu Picchu trek in a few months. Oh well, I needed to get into that training, anyways.

I do not want to move again for awhile, though. And, I know how some of my applicants feel about it.

And I can sure see why you want to get into a home you can’t get kicked out of, where you never have to move again—unless, of course, you decide to on your own (pun-haha).
Then again, maybe you want to join me on my trek to Machu Picchu. You can, you know (see box on the right)! And moving might be a good start to getting in shape for the trek, even if it’s not 64 steps.
The market here is hot. Many landlords are selling, to take advantage of the rising prices. It means a bigger challenge for us to find a good property for our clients, as well. But, with proper due diligence, we are succeeding.
If you’ve been thinking of moving up to ownership, maybe it’s time to check out the possibilities, before your landlord forces you to. Because, in this market, a tight time-frame is our enemy.
I’m off for a couple of weeks on an international adventure. But, let’s get the prep work done (application, etc—I will be monitoring applications and responding while I’m away), so that we can go hard after a nice property for you when I’m back in February.

It could be your last (and best) move . . . for a while.

Rent 2 Own tip
Did you know that, in a rent 2 own contract, we lock in your future purchase price at the beginning? Even if the market really takes off, you get it for the price that we agreed upon at the start; it just turns into an even better deal at the end.


Quote of the Week:
It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. – Lou Holtz