I’m still making my way through a really fun book I got for Christmas, called When to Rob a Bank, by the authors who previously gave us the gem, Freakonomics.

It’s a collection of blog posts they’ve done since publication of their first book, a delightful collection unearthing some of the most interesting research findings (Did you know that it’s more dangerous to ride a horse than a motorcycle?), pointing out some of the unintended consequences of popular ideas (Buying local food products may actually be worse for the environment than not doing so), speculating on reasons for strange human behaviours (Why the baby name Katrina become more popular in Louisiana and Mississippi after the hurricane, but less popular everywhere else), noting the strange logic that sometimes guides human behaviour (Why does the sixth chicken wing at a Chicago restaurant cost more than any of the first five), and a load of tongue-in-cheek articles about almost any topic of interest (like the best Aptonyms—just so you know, both Chip Silvertooth, the dentist, and Justin Case, the insurance salesman, were beaten out by better ones).

In short, a collection of brief, fun articles, by two smart economic dudes.

One chapter was about a motto/tag line for a nation. Inspired by an article about England’s reluctant search for a national motto, where suggestions included: “No Motto Please, We’re British,” and “One Mighty Empire, Slightly Used” (I really like that one), they held their own contest to choose a six-word motto for the United States.

From the plethora of responses, their readers subsequently voted among the five they chose for the final round.
The eventual winner was “Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay,” with the runner-up (the one I would have chosen), “Caution! Experiment in Progress Since 1776.” The other three in the top five were: “The Most Gentle Empire So Far,” “You Should See the Other Guys,” and “Just Like Canada, with Better Bacon.” (huh??)
This got me thinking. What tongue-in-cheek motto would I choose for Canada? After giving it thoughtful consideration (at least two minutes worth), I came up with the brilliant “We Apologize for being Mostly American.”
But let me throw it out to you. What motto would you choose for Canada?
And, while we’re at it, how about BC (or your home province if you’re from elsewhere)?
This is the first contest I’ve ever run on this blog. And if I don’t get any response, I’ll take it as a vote to make this also the last contest.
The rules? 1. You can
submit as many entries as you like (Please do). 2. You can collaborate with others. 3. There will be a (surprise) prize for the winner. 4. I will be absolute judge (unless I decide not to be).
I will also submit the winning entry to our esteemed Ottawa representatives and, should they implement your suggestion, you will have the great honour of knowing you influenced an entire nation.
The fine print: There is no fine print. It’s straight-forward, as advertised. Get those entries in, for the greatest chance of winning, because the contest could close at any time.

Click here to submit your motto.
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