Apparently, we’ve now reached 45 days without a drop of rain (at YVR). That’s not too unusual. We typically do get about six straight weeks of gorgeous weather in these parts, with very minimal rain.

What is different this year, though, is:

  1. i) how early it started (almost four weeks before the average July 12 start);
  2. ii) how hot it’s gotten. In Abbotsford we broke our previous all-time high of 38o by reaching 42.9o; and in Lytton, the all-time Canadian record of 45o fell when 49.6o was reached. (Las Vegas’ record high is only 47.2o, so I’m proposing Lytton’s new moniker should be “Hotter than Vegas”);

iii) the lack of any rain whatsoever (the six-week high pressure ridge normally has a brief breakdown somewhere in the middle with a splash of rain.); and

  1. iv) without an end currently in sight, this one looks like it will last much longer than typical.

Is it climate change? Surely that must be part of it. Is it the randomness of annual weather cycles? Surely that must be some of it, too. I remember a summer about ten years ago when the high pressure ridge didn’t start until early August, then lasted about 10 weeks; the next spring about half the hedging cedars in town were dead, including mine (Who thinks to water their hedges in September and October?).

I feel for those affected by the fires: the firefighters, the evacuees, the lost properties, opportunities and resources; and the wildlife. I feel for those affected by the heavy smoke, especially those with compromised health. I feel for those families who lost loved ones when we were unprepared for the extreme heat dome we had in late June (an estimated 580 people lost their lives because of the heat).

But, personally, I’m loving it! Though I can’t take as much time to enjoy it as I’d like (after all, I’ve got blog posts to write, R2O applications to follow-up on, clients to coach, deals to make, etc.), every day could be a beach day, or a hiking day, or a cycling day, or, at least, an ice cream day. And I get to relax in my hammock on my patio todos los dias. (Is that my Spanish lesson coming through, or the heat getting to me?)

And, down here in the Fraser Valley, we’ve even been spared the smoke that many parts of BC are plagued with.

I simply love hot, dry summers. And, this year, there’s a lot of it to like.

It reminds me of my childhood and youth in Saskatchewan, where the summers are hotter, it’s a near desert, (an Osoyoos climate), and summer seemed to last the entire two months of school holidays. I recall the temperatures regularly being in the 90s F (32+ C) and hitting 100o (38 C) at least once or twice a summer (but, of course, it was a “dry heat,” lol—isn’t this summer out here also a “dry heat?”)

It probably acclimatized me to a little hotter weather than most people in the Fraser Valley are used to. But, personally, I could take this weather for about 11 months a year. (I don’t mind a white Christmas.)

Yesterday, having completed my day’s responsibilities early, I took off with my canoe, found a nearby lake to launch it on, then paddled off to a secluded beach to spend a few glorious afternoon hours.

And, having my smart phone with me, I even did a bit of work.

They say the pandemic has stimulated all sorts of new work habits, including working remotely, without losing productivity. Well, I think this summer might have just helped to do that for me, too.

Anyone want to join me for ice ream this afternoon?

Finally, a note of clarification: Lest anyone thought, based on the last point of last week’s post, that I am an anti-vaxer, let me be clear that I am not! I urge everyone to get their two doses. I don’t want the reimposition of measures to curtail this latest surge.

The point I made was just intended to show how complicated these issues are, how complicit we all are in creating the billionaires (Jeff Bezos couldn’t have more effectively made my point), and how much we rely on/need them.


  • Enjoy the sun—in your own way!
  • Find ways to keep cool!
  • Look after the vulnerable in the coming second heat dome!
  • Be thankful if you’ve not been seriously affected by the conditions!
  • Boycott Jeff Bezos, and,
  • Get vaccinated!