A second THANK YOU is in order!
Last week I said a big thanks to the many who enjoy my blog posts and I invited you to keep your subscription active in the face of Canada’s restrictive new anti-spam law.
This time I want to thank all of you who responded positively.  (I would also thank those who chose to Unsubscribe because I will no longer need to pay to send them what they don’t want but, since they’ve unsubscribed, I can’t send them this.)

I am, of course, keeping track of all who said YES, and will include them in a draw for a gift certificate to either Tim Hortons or Starbucks (their choice) at the end of July.
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If you continue to do nothing, you will eventually be removed from the list, but it could take up to three years. Please don’t make us go through 6000 names to find yours!
Just this weekend we had the privilege of moving in another happy rent 2 own party, as well as securing a property for another tenant-buyer who will take possession at the end of July.
And, finally, the big announcement! Do you have friends or relatives in southeastern BC who might benefit from a rent 2 own program like ours? Well, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve started Kootenay Rent 2 Own, based in Cranbrook, together with our joint-venture partner Barb. She would love to help get your friends into their own rent 2 own dream home
Please visit (or better yet, have your friends visit) 
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P.S. – The photo is from my hike up Radium Creek last weekend.