Have a BHAG New Year!

I’ve just finished listening to my weekly web-video success tip. Of course, it was about Setting Goals. That and resolutions, are the customary themes every New Year.

The video was about “Fail with Flair,” and talked about making at least one of your goals for the New Year a “Hail Mary” goal. That’s a goal set so far out there that you probably will fail to meet it, but it will keep you challenged to succeed, even after you have reached your lesser goals.

It brought me back to a time when, for a charity fund-raising campaign, we were encouraged by an expert advisor to set three targets: a Victory goal, a Challenge goal, and a “Hallelujah” goal! As I recall, we set the Hallelujah goal far beyond the more modest victory and challenge goals, and came within a whisker of achieving it. We accomplished sufficient to launch the project for which we were raising funds.

Years later, I read the book Built to Last, by Jim Collins, that promoted the idea of BHAG’s—“Big Hairy Audacious Goals.” BHAG’s were part of the reason some companies lasted over the long term while others failed. They were not just crazy, “out-there” ideas, Collins said, but a valuable ingredient for long-term success.

Likely you, like me, are setting new goals for a new year. I’ve decided to throw in a BHAG (or Hail Mary goal, or Hallelujah goal, whatever you want to call it) or two.

If you are still a renter, one of your goals might be to take a step towards home ownership in 2013. Would that be a victory goal, a challenge goal, or a BHAG,–a hallelujah–goal?

Have a Happy New Year, and I wish you every success in 2013!

P.S. – I’ve received a lot of response to the special Chilliwack opportunity I mentioned last week, but it is still available. Here’s a reminder of the details:
This is a 3-BR, 2-bath, totally reno’d townhome in a family-friendly complex that includes a fenced yard, playground and pool. This older but well-maintained complex has recently been upgraded with a new roof and new fencing. Strata fee is under $200/mo. Because of unique circumstances, I can get this for you either with a reduced up-front deposit or a lower-than-usual rent. In addition, the final buy-out price after two years will be LESS than what the property is worth today! Please reply to this email to request further information.