Fall has always been a bittersweet, strange, and trying season for me. Strange for most of us this year, I suppose, with BC kids heading back to school on the same day as the autumnal equinox.
What gets me about Fall is the transition away from a gorgeous summer, with its fine weather, outdoor activities and relaxed schedules, and into a season marked by chilly winds, the onset of rain, shorter days, schedule and routine, and the death of foliage.
What I like about Fall is the coloured leaves, schedule and routine (yes, that cuts both ways), the start-up of programs and activities I enjoy, the crescendo of the CFL season, the onset of hockey (of course, I’m Canadian, eh?), and starting the build-up towards Christmas.
For you, it might be entirely different. I hear some people say that Fall is their favorite time of year.
What is sure, is that Fall reminds us of the cycles of life. Without the Fall transition from summer vibrancy to winter death, there would be no spring to return the earth to its verdant bounty.
Similar cycles seem to prevail in most of life. Often challenges must be overcome before success can follow. And if success comes too rapidly, we must be cautious about the potential for a big fall-off.
The question is: How do we adjust our lives to smooth out our own life cycles? Or do we?
That’s a question I’ve been pondering for myself and my business. I’ve asked myself: am I too narrowly focussed? Right now, rent 2 own is a strong business. But what winds could come along to derail opportunities to help people get into home ownership? Are there other services that align with my main focus that could help people while also shoring up my security if a Fall-like season comes along for rent 2 own?
I’ve found, and committed to, two such opportunities. They will help me smooth out my cycles. But, better yet, they will help both my rent 2 own clients and those who aren’t yet able to enroll in the program, to save money, manage their expenses and help them build towards the future security of home ownership.
They are opportunities that could help every single applicant to our rent 2 own program! They’re too much to explain in one short blog post. But I would encourage anyone who would like to save a little on their regular shopping OR get their finances a little more organized OR control their expenses a little better OR save up a little more for future home ownership OR even just make a little extra income to supplement their main income stream, to 
<reply> to this post and say: Yes, Ron, I want to learn more.
The more we can work together on these opportunities, the sooner the security of your home ownership dream might come true.
This Fall, let’s smooth out the cycles with a plan that leads to success!