January 28, 2019
                            No. 233
Did You Survive Blue Monday?Was there really any extra stress on this, supposedly, most gloomy day of the year?

A CTV report explained that this was a totally made-up concept by a travel agent trying to entice people into booking Caribbean vacations. But the report concluded that the reasons were still legit–holiday bills catching up, lingering dreary winter weather, remorse over broken New Years’ resolutions, and maybe even the simple fact of it being Monday—all contributing to a depressing mood. Like, the perfect storm gathers around this day.

It was not the day I needed to find out, first thing in the morning, that there was a significant glitch in some wonderful plans we’d made, and I’d better adjust my week’s work because addressing this new issue had to take precedent over almost everything.

The week was already full. It did seem like the perfect storm for me.

So how do I move forward? One step at a time, like everyone else. I off-loaded one of my tasks, and bore down on the others.

But that’s the life of an entrepreneur, I guess. Be ready for the unexpected. Always keep your sails ready for adjustment.

So, back to the first question: Did the circumstances around this particular calendar day give you any reason to call it blue? Your life is different than mine, so I can’t tell you how to adjust to your circumstances—at least not specifically.

But here are a few general ideas that I cling to:

1. Hold things loosely (as mentioned), so that adjustments can be more easily made.

2. Address one issue at a time. And if an issue is too big, split it up into smaller components, addressing one component at a time.

3. Put this day into a larger context: the week, the month, the year. This day may seem monstrous now, but it is only a small piece of the bigger picture. View your life from that larger perspective, not from the particular day (aka, seeing the forest, not the trees.)

4. Reflect on those poor American government workers who had another huge element to build their perfect storm: no paycheque since before Christmas. And be thankful our government didn’t shut down.

Maybe there was nothing blue about your Monday; maybe it was great. Good for you! But maybe another storm will gather around you another time.

Those tips may be helpful then, too.

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Quote of the Week:“Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.” – unknown
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