One of the three main reasons people come to us for rent-to-own solutions is because they cannot get a mortgage due to being self employed. Banks don’t like self-employed people because they have enough write-offs not to show a high taxable income.

Self-employed people often face the additional problem that landlords won’t let them operate their business from a rental. Now they’re doubly shafted.

At Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own, WE LOVE SELF-EMPLOYED PEOPLE because we know they are hard-working, responsible people. They just don’t fit the bank’s, or landlord’s, mold.

That’s exactly the situation Jennifer found herself in. She was hard-working and responsible, and ran a very successful daycare. But the banks wouldn’t give her a mortgage. Now, faced with a move from her current location, she was also unable to find a rental that would allow her to continue her business. I really want you to hear her story  (

Then again, self employment may not be your story. Each has their own. Maybe you’ve been turned down because of credit glitches. That’s the second of the big three reasons people find rent-to-own as their path to home ownership.

Banks won’t take you on until they see that you are a good credit risk, supported by sufficient history. They say: “Come back when you’ve fixed up your credit.” Then they leave you on your own to figure out how to do that.

At Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own, we can work out a plan to repair those credit glitches while you are already living in the home you’ll own. What’s more, we work with you over that period, coaching you toward mortgage eligibility.

The third main reason people come to us for help is when they have some, but not enough money saved up for a down payment. We start you off with only about half of what you will need to get a bank mortgage, put you into that dream home now, together with a plan that assures you’ll have enough money saved up by the end of the term to get that mortgage.

Whatever of these is your issue, or even if it’s all three, we can help bridge the gap between you and the banks over a two-three-year period. We always set you up with a plan to help you succeed in the end.

And, even if you don’t fall into one of the big three categories, I still want you to hear Jennifer’s story ( .

Thanks for taking the time; I’m confident you’ll find her story worth listening to.

An employment opportunity
In order to take advantage of the many opportunities, Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own is stream-lining its operations. To do so, we’ve created a new part-time, somewhat flexible, but demanding, administrative position.

The successful applicant will be required to first learn many aspects of our business model, then transition into personally taking on some of the responsibilities while overseeing VA’s who will take up much of the detail. The position will require a self-starter with a broad range of aptitudes, including superior computer knowledge and skills (from technical, to layout and design, to video editing), comfort in telephone interaction with inquirers, the ability to work independently, the ability to oversee VA’s, and the ability to work as part of a team. Significant past experience in a similar environment is essential.

Please submit enquiries and resumes to ( .

Ron Geddert