How will the federal budget affect your housing options?

How will the federal budget affect your housing options? Will it affect your rent 2 own possibilities? Prior to the budget on Wednesday, the government had already announced the major housing initiatives that were contained in it. Several specific items had been...

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Sorting out the credit snake-pit

You’ve seen the ads. There are all sorts of companies offering free credit scores now. Why this sudden surge? Is that a good thing (for you) or a bad thing? Does it leave you a little confused? Does it seem a bit like a snake’s den, with hundreds of snakes...

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You’re going where? “Nicaragua,” I’d say. “Similar to Costa Rica, but way cheaper. And safer.” Stunned looks. When I’d mentioned to my curling colleagues that I’d miss some games for a short winter getaway, they simply assumed a Mexican beach resort somewhere. That’s...

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Rent to Own in the news

Rent to own is all over the news these days. And for good reason. With the monumental challenge of getting into housing these days, people are searching for whatever alternatives may be possible. And governments are trying to facilitate that. A study released last...

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Hey Ron, what do you do for work?

It happened again last night. It happens frequently. “Ron, what do you do for work?” Even my mother hasn’t quite got that figured out. But last night it came from a new acquaintance at the curling rink. A part of curling culture is to join the team you just played...

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Why you should read these five books

30The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that I needed to elaborate on my Top 5 list from the last post (Top 5 Personal Inspiration Books). And correct an error. Before I do, though, let me explain that I deliberately avoided religious books (for...

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400! Did you see it? That was the number of my last post. It means, with an average of nearly 40 posts a year, I’ve been doing this for over ten years. So, indulge me in a bit of reflection. Most people are on this list because they signed up on the Fraser Valley Rent...

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New Year, New Opportunities

At this time of year people typically take a look at their lives and do a re-set. Perhaps you’re among the masses who have made New year’s resolutions. Hopefully you’re not among the many who have already broken them. I don’t do “resolutions,” at least not in the...

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The (almost) universal meaning of Christmas

Everyone’s attention is focused on Christmas. That’s true whether or not the holiday has great meaning for you. You can’t (and most wouldn’t want to) escape its dominance over our culture at this time of year. I’ve noted that a lot of the Christmas music that plays...

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What’s your end goal?

What’s your end goal? Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious to everyone. So, I ask the question: What’s your end goal when it comes to having a place to live? Choose one of the following: a) I expect to live on the street b) I’ll be a renter forever c) I hope...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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How much of a monthly payment can you afford for your own home?
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