How are the rising interest rates messing with rent 2 own?

The severe inflation coming out of the pandemic, compounded by unstable world events is elevating the cost of almost everything: grocery prices, gas prices, retail purchases, wages, etc., etc., etc. Housing is not one of them, though. Housing inflation occurred during...

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Go for it when you can!

“Where have you been?” Surely that’s what you’re all thinking. Not! True, you haven’t received a post from this corner in a few weeks. But I know better than to assume you’ve been waiting with baited breath for another post. Life’s not like that. Like some of you,...

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Just chill

Remember the song “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer; those days of soda and pretzels and beer”? If you do, it ages you. And it obviously ages me. But it expresses well how I feel when the beautiful summer stretch of sunshine comes along. It’s tough to...

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Has the economy gone crazy?

Record inflation. Surging interest rates. Reduced public service because of staff shortages. Transportation nightmares. Supply chain delays. A housing crisis. What’s going on with this economy? Are we all in trouble? Because I’m in the real estate purchasing business,...

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In praise of diversity

Hiking last week in Cathedral Provincial Park, my friends and I were constantly reminded of the huge biodiversity we were witnessing. That diversity was rich and beautiful. All manner of plants flourished in wet areas along creeks and around the shores of the core...

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Can I trust rent to own?

While most people agree that “renting sucks,” many also despair about ever getting into a home that they will own, especially with the recent escalation in prices. A recent survey showed that, on average, to get into a single-family home in Canada requires spending...

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Are you ready for summer?

Summer’s here! For me, the year can be divided into two parts: summer (the best part) and everything else. I think it’s because I like to live outdoors as much as possible. I cherish every day that we get the kind of weather we had this past weekend—and they’re all...

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How does your program work?

How does your program work? I get this question frequently, even though a brief, six-step process is spelled out on the website. I have to keep it brief on the website, to keep visitors engaged. So, I thought a post with a bit more detail might be helpful for any who...

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I’m not really the cruising type. I sometimes call myself a “traveller,” but then I clarify that that means I’d rather be hiking a Central American volcano, exploring a cave in Guatemala, riding a camel in India or trekking in the Himalayas than lying on the beach in...

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Who we can’t help with a Rent 2 Own program

About six months ago I published a post “Is rent 2 own a good fit for me?” It identified the kinds of scenarios where rent 2 own can be a good option for getting into home ownership. You can check out that post here. But there are some situations where a rent 2 own...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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How much of a monthly payment can you afford for your own home?
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