How does your program work?

How does your program work? I get this question frequently, even though a brief, six-step process is spelled out on the website. I have to keep it brief on the website, to keep visitors engaged. So, I thought a post with a bit more detail might be helpful for any who...

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I’m not really the cruising type. I sometimes call myself a “traveller,” but then I clarify that that means I’d rather be hiking a Central American volcano, exploring a cave in Guatemala, riding a camel in India or trekking in the Himalayas than lying on the beach in...

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Who we can’t help with a Rent 2 Own program

About six months ago I published a post “Is rent 2 own a good fit for me?” It identified the kinds of scenarios where rent 2 own can be a good option for getting into home ownership. You can check out that post here. But there are some situations where a rent 2 own...

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Let them play!

“Wait for me, Victoria,” I called to the girl walking ahead of me to school. I was six, heading out to my school three or four blocks away. We didn’t have kindergarten, let alone pre-school back then in the small town where I grew up. I was setting out into a new...

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A cleansing experience

I’m in the middle of a project. Not a fun one, but a necessary one. I’m down-sizing! Stage 2. Stage 1 happened nearly seven years ago when we sold our large single-family home and I moved into a two-bedroom condo. After sending half the contents away with the other...

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The best and worst properties for rent 2 own

My role in rent 2 own means I have to put together a lot of different pieces in creating a rent 2 own scenario for qualified clients--things like assessing their qualifying limits, designing a program that will anticipate their success,  matching investors with client...

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Explaining our (very) late spring

Are you, like me, getting impatient for a spring that doesn’t seem to be arriving? After spending a chunk of February in Mexico, I thought I’d come back to a relatively short, survivable period before we had our own emergence of sunny, warm weather. Two-and-a-half...

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Living the dream

Have you ever imagined yourself “living the dream?” What would that look like for you? Or better yet, have you ever caught yourself actually saying (or thinking) “I am living the dream!” I have. It came out of nowhere. Most of us work hard enough just to support...

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A better housing stimulus?

In their Fall election platform, the Liberals promised two broad initiatives to help people get into the housing market: 1) Provide money to address the supply problem and suppress price escalation; and 2) A rent-to-own program to help people get onto the path to...

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An affordable housing stimulus?

13The federal government’s budget last week focussed heavily on the housing crisis with a buffet of items to supposedly address both housing supply and affordability. The key components: A two-year moratorium on foreign purchase of Canadian properties; A $4 billion...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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How much of a monthly payment can you afford for your own home?
Length of term would be like


Monthly Payment $0.00
Term N/A
Purchase Price $0.00
Initial Deposit Required $0.00
Rental Credit per Month $0.00
Total Credit (Initial Deposit + Rental Credit) $0.00
You will have % to cover your down payment and closing costs

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