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Uniting around the Globe

Saturday night’s multi-faceted show that aired worldwide, including both on CBC and CTV, had me somewhat confused at first. Was it a show about anti-racism?--perhaps an attempt to “balance the ledger,” given the preponderance of blacks? Or was it a show about the...

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Rules and Principles

It happened again last night! I chafed at the rules . . . yet again! We’ve become a rules-driven society. And, in my opinion, it’s often hurting us. It may be our only option most of the time. But those other times when we get to live by principles, not rules, it’s so...

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Roller coaster in the housing market

More upheaval in the housing market! We expected the Covid19 economic shut-down would affect the housing market; we just didn’t know exactly how and exactly when. The first effect was that everyone backed off on their buying or selling plans. The Greater Vancouver...

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What a great time we are in!—to learn!

I finally went back hiking last Saturday and  . . . Wow! I’ve never seen Elk Mountain so full of hikers. (And I’ve hiked it probably a hundred times.) Trails finally open, a lot of pent-up demand was being released! It was many small groups and, of course, most...

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Some random thoughts as we start returning to normal

Random thought #1: The notion in the above headline is misleading. We’re just starting toward normal with a few baby steps. And what’s normal, anyway? We can only guess what the “new normal” will be. RT #2: The acceleration of our move to an online world, brought on...

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So what is happening in the housing market?

With COVID-19 messing up our world economically and personally, it’s right to wonder what’s happening with real estate in this situation. The answer: nothing. Well, not quite, but almost. There has been a huge pull-back in the market, as everyone backs off to take a...

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A Saturday night Syncher’s high, 7 ways to get it

Saturday night! In the world that was, I would, more often than not, be out dancing. I love dancing, usually with a group of like-minded friends. Seven weeks into this clamp-down, it’s something I really miss. But it’s likely one of the very last activities that will...

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Have you had enough of this yet?

As the current lock-down continues (okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement; we’re far from fully locked down), I’m wondering how it’s affecting you. If you’re following the news and social media, and reading even a tiny segment of the reports, you notice a wide range...

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Earth Day 2020: The planet is smiling

On my coffee table is the current issue of National Geographic, a subscription I’ve now had for 30 or more years. This month’s issue has a front cover on both sides. On one cover it says: HOW WE LOST THE PLANET: A Pessimist’s Guide to Life on Earth in 2070. The...

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Is Money a Game?

Is money a game? “Money is a game. Know the rules and win!” When I first heard that statement, I was aghast, and highly offended! Money was to me, as to most people on the planet I knew, a means of survival, a livelihood. It was a most basic human need, not a game....

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