You want the real truth?

Sunday morning the sad saga ended. Bruce Boudreau was relieved of his duties as head coach of the Canucks, replaced by Rick Tocchet. It was the worst kept secret in living memory. For at least a week the story had already been the dominant one in the mainstream hockey...

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Why high interest rates make rent 2 own a good option

The logic escapes me! Ever since interest rates started rising, rent-2-own applications have gone down. The reasoning seems to be that the higher payments required by those higher interest rates make it more challenging to afford a home. That is, of course, true--for...

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New Year! New Opportunities!

New year, new opportunities! Yesterday, I took down my tree and put away my Christmas decorations. It was a bittersweet experience! Yeah, I know I’m out of synch. Radio stations stopped playing Christmas music on Dec. 27 already. But then, they’d already started in...

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My Christmas wish for you, 2022

It didn’t need the record dump of snow we got two nights ago to remind us Christmas is here. But it sure seems fitting on this winter solstice (as I write this). After all, if there’s one day of the year I wish for snow, it’s Christmas Eve—though much of it may be...

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This World Cup spectacle

Perhaps the most poignant T-shirt slogan I’ve ever seen said simply “One life, one goal.”   “Okay,” you say, “so what’s so poignant about that?”   It’s because of what was on the back of the T-shirt. It was sponsored by a soccer association. Yup - one life,...

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What’s your take on Explainer videos?

It was perhaps six or seven years ago that I first ran across an “Explainer” video. I didn’t know it was called that, but I was intrigued. Someone does cartoon drawings on a “whiteboard” while explaining a concept or program. It’s become a popular marketing tool. And,...

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A reason for despondency?

Snow, and more snow – in November! Brrrrrr! (Okay, you out-of-the-Lower-Mainland people can stop laughing at me now!) And the weatherman says more of this is on the way! But it was a winter wonderland as I returned from visiting my mother last night—the kind of winter...

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David Eby’s gift to us

So, our new premier is attempting to make a big splash as he starts his tenure! First, it was like Christmas: everyone gets a $100 rebate on their hydro bills and low-income families get a handout of up to $410. Thank you, Santa! We all appreciate that! It took only...

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What’s keeping you from getting a mortgage?

To qualify for a mortgage, you must satisfy a lot of conditions to convince the lender that you will be responsible and capable in paying off that mortgage. It can be a rigorous process. But, even if you are responsible and capable, there are certain things that may...

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The Canadas

When we think of “multiculturism,” that word that the senior PM Trudeau carved into our everyday vocabulary, we usually think of ethic backgrounds. Especially here in the Southwest corner of BC, we associate multiculturism with the diversity of our origins, whether...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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