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We are a sorry, polarized lot

Our recent election exposed how polarized we are. Quebec endorses a party that will promote their interests, the Maritimes will not forgive Harper’s treatment of their region, nor will the prairies forgive the Trudeaus’ (both of them) treatment of their region. Our...

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Building your credit score

In the last blog post, we talked about the variety of credit scores out there and the muddle that that reflects.   The bottom line, however, is that they all work generally the same and the process for building your score is the same, regardless. What applies to one,...

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The credit score muddle

Did you see the recent CBC clip on the “variety” of credit scores out there? You may have been shocked by the information. I wasn’t. In fact, I thought it was even somewhat muted—could have been more dramatic than it was. As a rent 2 own provider/coach, I deal a lot...

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Cell Phones – A Modest Proposal

I first heard about the survey on radio about a week ago: 46% of respondents wish smart phones had never been invented! I was stunned at the number. Could it be true? Was the survey credible? I Googled it and found tons of other stations that had reported the result....

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Lament for the fall equinox

Some people really like fall.   That baffles me. To me, it’s a sad time.   Summer has clearly ended in these parts. The change came about ten days ago when the weather suddenly took its left turn, leaving behind the summer sunshine and yielding to that constant menu...

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Myths about Rent 2 Own

    Rent 2 own has been around for a long time but it is growing more popular as federal regulations and bank policies make it increasingly more difficult to qualify for mortgages.   But it is still not that mainstream, so there are a lot of ideas and misconceptions...

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Lessons from a house-boating weekend

When you run a small business renting out your houseboat from a base five hours away, it can become a bit tedious. It is a lot of work. And, when do you get to enjoy it yourself? Well, the answer is, “when you have a weekend that no one else has booked.” So it was...

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The way rent 2 own is going . . .

I keep getting asked how rent 2 own is going. From my standpoint, just fine, except . . .   1 . . . there are so many people wanting to get into housing that we cannot nearly accommodate them all. With few exceptions, it is still better to own than to rent, in the...

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To reminisce about “the good old times” probably means . . . well, you’re old.   Okay, I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and did advance another year recently.   But I do try to stay fairly current, and see the good that we have available now that we didn’t used to.  ...

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Stuff that isn’t

Okay, I’ve reached the limit of my tolerance!!! I reached it last night. I bought something that was something else than I bought. I no longer know what to expect! It was a Caesar salad that wasn’t! Caesar salad is my favorite, and I make it frequently for myself. I...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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