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Lessons from a house-boating weekend

When you run a small business renting out your houseboat from a base five hours away, it can become a bit tedious. It is a lot of work. And, when do you get to enjoy it yourself? Well, the answer is, “when you have a weekend that no one else has booked.” So it was...

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The way rent 2 own is going . . .

I keep getting asked how rent 2 own is going. From my standpoint, just fine, except . . .   1 . . . there are so many people wanting to get into housing that we cannot nearly accommodate them all. With few exceptions, it is still better to own than to rent, in the...

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To reminisce about “the good old times” probably means . . . well, you’re old.   Okay, I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and did advance another year recently.   But I do try to stay fairly current, and see the good that we have available now that we didn’t used to.  ...

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Stuff that isn’t

Okay, I’ve reached the limit of my tolerance!!! I reached it last night. I bought something that was something else than I bought. I no longer know what to expect! It was a Caesar salad that wasn’t! Caesar salad is my favorite, and I make it frequently for myself. I...

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An enriching weekend away — Way away!

A major reason for my enthusiasm for this trip was to see a part of the province I’ve never seen before. Another reason was to spend a weekend with a bunch of buddies. A third reason was simply to get away, take a break from a stressful normal life. So it was that,...

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“People just don’t like to take risks!”

That’s the conclusion we reached as we discussed the failure of the most recent initiative I’d taken. You may recall, a few weeks back I invited anyone interested to join us for a “shake-down” cruise on my houseboat on the Victoria Day long weekend on the beautiful...

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Victoria Day house-boating with the Stampeders

Victoria Day house-boating with the Stampeders This post has nothing to do with Rent 2 Own, but I don’t think you’ll mind. Call it shameless cross-promotion, if you like, but sometimes it just makes sense to let people know about great opportunities they may be...

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Easter Greetings: Take a break! You deserve it!

Warm Easter Greetings to you from Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own. The holiday we call Easter has a lot of different meanings in our society and a lot of different expressions. For Jews, it’s the annual celebration of Passover, marking the momentous occasion when their...

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I first learned that word when I was a young kid. Hypocrites were, apparently, a bad bunch of characters in the Bible. I had the impression they were a sect, like the Pharisees and the Sadducees. That’s how a little guy’s mind works. But, regardless of the error, the...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

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