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How much of a mortgage can I afford? part 5 of a series

What? I make $75,000 and I don’t qualify for a home in the Fraser Valley? That’s typical of the kind of disbelief I often hear from people inquiring about qualifying for a property purchase through rent 2 own. And the answer is: No! $75,000 will get you an apartment,...

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Its more than just the score, part 4 of a series

It’s Not Just About the Score, part 4 or a series In the first of this series, we noted that the credit bureaus collect and store your credit history, and that it is this information, when run through a sophisticated algorithm, that produces a composite score. The...

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Itchy feet are in our genes

Today, a break from our series on mortgage qualifying . . . Are you getting tired of lock-down? Are you, like me, getting itchy feet? I browse through information and images of countries still on my bucket list. I look over photos from road trips I’ve made through...

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Credit Scores 2, Part 3 of a series

Credit Scores, part 2 Last post we started discussing what makes up your credit score, and noted there were five factors. The first two, Payment History and Credit Utilization make up the largest portion, 65%. But the other three are also important, claiming 210 of...

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Credit scores, part 2 of a series

Several weeks ago, I started a series on What the banks are looking for to approve you for a mortgage. Today we take a deeper look into credit scores, a large factor in the lenders’ determination of whether they can trust you to pay back the loan. To be clear from the...

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We can achieve!

Did you watch the U.S. presidential inauguration Wednesday? I’m not highly political. And I do not use this space to promote whatever political views I might have. And I’m normally mostly focussed on my country, not our neighbours (but over the last few years, how can...

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How the banks look at you for a mortgage

The troubled times we experienced in 2020 were anything but troubling for the real estate market--after the March to June lull, at least. The housing market has boomed, rising prices reflecting that boom. The same urges that have prompted homeowners to move up, are...

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Ode to a departed 2020

Ode (or Owed or O.D.’d) to a departed 2020 This post will arrive in your Inbox on “the twelfth day of Christmas” (Jan 5), marking the official end of the Christmas season. Meantime, we’ve flipped the calendar to a New Year. We’ve left behind a year that will live in...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All of our celebrations will be a little—or a lot--different this year. Mine fall into the “a lot” category. But as we reach the conclusion of his very unique year, it’s great that we can end it on a positive note. Whatever our compromises, Christmas can provide a...

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Was Monday a “Momentous Day,” or what?

With the roll-out of the first covid-19 vaccines in both Canada and the U.S., with the Electoral College south of the border confirming the November 3 presidential results, Monday was definitely a “feel-good” day for a lot of people. But was it “momentous” or historic...

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