Helping Frustrated Renters Become HAPPY Homeowners

What kind of a home can you qualify for?

Inspired by an article in the Globe and Mail entitled “What does 700k (The national average house price) buy you across Canada?” I decided to compare for this blog post’s readers, what a representative amount might get you across our rent to own territory. What to...

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Bathing in the forest

Shinrin-yoku It’s a Japanese word, loosely translated into the English as “forest bathing.” It’s a concept I was introduced to a couple of weeks back by my hiking partner. We were out on a gorgeous Saturday—our sunniest, warmest day of the year so far. I’d suggested...

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Expanding our reach — again

Expanding the Valley – again! When Fraser Valley Rent 2 own began operating in 2011, our name said it all. We were servicing the Fraser Valley. That meant, for us, Surrey to Hope. It was a great opportunity, as there were not many rent-to-own providers servicing...

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Beautiful things

With the spring clearly here and the advent of fabulous weather this week—at least in these parts--it’s easy to feel a sense of joy and delight. “A spring in one’s step,” as the saying goes. Forget for a moment the pandemic circuit breaker we are in, for a moment of...

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Can you help me with a rent 2 own if . . .

Can you help me with a rent 2 own? We get requests from a people representing an array of circumstances, wondering if we can assist them to get into home ownership. Can you help me if . . .? The general answer is always: “It depends.” Our basic criteria for...

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Why all this confusion?

A “circuit breaker,” she called it. In B.C. we’re back to harsher restrictions for the next three weeks: restaurants and bars re-closed for inside dining, gyms and fitness centre group activities nixed, bubble definitions/limitations reinforced, re-opening of indoor...

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Mother Nature vs Us

The photos coming out of New South Wales (Australia) last night were startling. Cars and houses being swept down the river following days of rain that was still predicted to last for several more. The same area that was hit by the massive wildfires a year ago. It’s...

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One year later . . .

One year later . . . Some anniversaries are worth celebrating. Some, well . . . not so much! Who’d have imagined a year ago, that we’d be marking (can’t say “celebrating”) a year’s anniversary of pandemic lock-down, and still living with nearly the same restrictions!...

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We need each other!

It was a heart-rending story, shared on one of our national TV networks yesterday. The son was sharing how his father had succumbed to Covid. No, the disease had not, itself, taken him out. The 88-year-old man was in great shape and socially very active, playing...

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Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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