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The source of a long healthy life?

While the gist of the statement seemed dead-on, the statistic itself was stunning!   Readers of this blog may know (because I mention it so often) that I leave little excuse for being unhappy. That’s because I see happiness as a decision, one I make every day. It’s a...

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Your credit score: some things you should know

Most people know that in order to get a mortgage, or any loan for that matter, they need to have decent credit. If they don’t, they will either be denied, or have to pay a higher interest rate.   Most people, though, know very little about what that means. Nor do they...

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The turn of the Calendar

Twenty years ago the turn of the calendar to a new year generated much angst over the fact that early computers hadn’t provided for the possibility of a year that started with a “2”. The angst was misplaced; nothing serious happened.   Each year, of course, we do the...

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Could customer service get any worse?

If you’ve flown lately, you may have experienced it, too. In recent years, approximately 50% of my flights have departed late because of mechanical issues. Yet, somehow, I still trust the schedules the websites line up for me when I set up travel plans. No longer! A...

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Black Friday

It’s amazing how quickly Black Friday has grown to dominate our shopping patterns—and our lives!   Being Canadian, I hadn’t even heard of Black Friday in my growing up, nor my main parenting years. It’s connected to the U.S. Thanksgiving, the Friday between the...

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It’s “My Day”

Apparently today (as I write this) is International Men’s Day. Did you know it? I wouldn’t have, had the morning news not mentioned it. They were as surprised to read that on their teleprompter as I was to hear it. Why we need International Men’s Day, I’m not sure....

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We are a sorry, polarized lot

Our recent election exposed how polarized we are. Quebec endorses a party that will promote their interests, the Maritimes will not forgive Harper’s treatment of their region, nor will the prairies forgive the Trudeaus’ (both of them) treatment of their region. Our...

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Building your credit score

In the last blog post, we talked about the variety of credit scores out there and the muddle that that reflects.   The bottom line, however, is that they all work generally the same and the process for building your score is the same, regardless. What applies to one,...

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The credit score muddle

Did you see the recent CBC clip on the “variety” of credit scores out there? You may have been shocked by the information. I wasn’t. In fact, I thought it was even somewhat muted—could have been more dramatic than it was. As a rent 2 own provider/coach, I deal a lot...

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Cell Phones – A Modest Proposal

I first heard about the survey on radio about a week ago: 46% of respondents wish smart phones had never been invented! I was stunned at the number. Could it be true? Was the survey credible? I Googled it and found tons of other stations that had reported the result....

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Owning your own home is within reach.

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