If there is an over-achiever on this planet, it has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’re all familiar with his incredible record of success, mostly against long odds.

Most of us were mystified, though, when he was chosen to carry one leg of the Olympic torch near the end of its run into downtown Vancouver. What did he have to do with Vancouver, or Canada, or the Olympics?
Years ago a young reporter asked the young(er) Schwarzenegger, who’d already accomplished his dream of becoming the world champion body-builder, what his next goal was. He replied calmly, “I’m going to be the biggest star in Hollywood.” The idea was laughable at the time.
Well, when he’d achieved that goal, he set a new one: to become governor of California. He achieved that goal, too. Probably the only reason he didn’t run for president of the United States is because he is not eligible, having been born in Austria. So, it seems, he set his next goal to carry the Olympic Torch. I don’t know the steps he took to get there, but he was evidently successful.
If anyone can tell us anything about success, I suppose it should be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
So, I took notice when I recently came across his Six Rules for Success. Given the nature of this blog, I thought I’d share them with my readers:
1. Trust Yourself
2. Break some rules
3. Don’t be afraid to fail
4. Ignore the Nay-sayers
5. Work like hell
6. Give something back
I’ve been studying a lot lately on this matter of success and how to achieve it. [Look for a big announcement in that regard, coming soon.]
Bottom line? I can’t really argue with his rules.
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Update from last week:
I bought the plain old “fusion” blades. They fit.
Rent 2 Own tip:
One of the “big three” things a lender will look for when qualifying you for a mortgage is your work history and stability. They love you if you work in public service or a strong union, where your job is virtually 100% secure. That means you won’t likely lose your earning ability (and thus your ability to pay your mortgage) any time soon.
For those in the private sector, they like to see that you’ve been with the firm for quite a while. Certainly, you must be past any probationary period. After that, it will be more subjective. They are looking for whether the job is stable and secure.
For those who are self-employed, it is a bigger challenge. One reason many are self-employed is the ability to “write off” a lot of expenses. Their tax return may show a high gross business income but a very low net income, after deducting all those business expenses. Great for saving on taxes! But, when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage, not so great. If you’re claiming only the net income as your personal income, then that is all they will consider to support you mortgage ability. Many who can afford a mortgage fail to qualify on this policy.
Rent 2 own can be the perfect option for those who fail due to either of the latter two situations. The two or three years you are in the program buys you the time to strengthen your work history and to show stability of your income. If you are self-employed, you may just have to forgo some of those “write-offs” for a few years while you are in the program.
A part of the services Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own provides clients who enroll in the program is guidance and ongoing coaching to shore up your work history and stability.

Quote of the Week:

A champion is a dreamer that refused to give up!

– Robert Frost