Another Success Story

I had to give up my rental and couldn’t find any place that would allow me to operate a daycare business. But I couldn’t buy because I didn’t have enough down payment, and my credit wasn’t good enough, and I was self-employed. So, I turned to Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own.

They told me that all three issues could be fixed through their rent 2 own program, so I joined. We found a modest home in Chilliwack that would do for my daycare.

Ron worked patiently with me to address all three issues. After three years I was able to qualify and the home became mine! Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own got me back onto solid financial footing when I was desperate!

Three years after buying that home my husband and I were able to buy a larger, better property for my daycare, but we kept that home and now rent it out.

Thank you, Ron, for changing my life!

Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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How much of a monthly payment can you afford for your own home?
Length of term would be like


Monthly Payment $0.00
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Purchase Price $0.00
Initial Deposit Required $0.00
Rental Credit per Month $0.00
Total Credit (Initial Deposit + Rental Credit) $0.00
You will have % to cover your down payment and closing costs

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