Those of you who aren’t brand new to this blog list know that I love travelling. Some may even remember that, before covid, I operated an adventure travel company.

Many of you love travelling, too. If so, you’ll want to read this post to the very bottom. Because I’ve got a big announcement coming below.

(If you hate travelling, though, you may want to skip this one.)

Many of you also know that I love Central America. Why? Let me count the ways:

  1. It’s so incredibly beautiful! Think volcanoes, lakes, cloud forests, tropical beaches, monkeys, sloths, toucans, parakeets, cheetahs, palm trees—well, you get the idea!
  2. It’s the Latin American culture and history;
  3. it’s still authentic, not commercialized and Americanized;
  4. it’s the weather;
  5. it’s within a time zone or two from us—no jet lag;
  6. it’s inexpensive;
  7. it’s safe;
  8. and, like all cross-cultural travel, it helps me grow as a person, pealing off blinders, and gaining acceptance and respect for others.

I love it so much that, over a number of trips, I’ve covered the entire route from Chiapas, Mexico to Medellin, Colombia. (OK, the two end points aren’t Central America, but the seven countries in between, are.) This February I spent 10 days in just one city, Granada, Nicaragua.

It’s now become my passion to expose others to this part of the world, too, to help them also come to appreciate the landscapes, the people, the joy and enrichment that such travel brings.

So—drum roll, please—I’m taking you there with me! . . . if you’re interested!

NicaTika: The heart of Central America, will be an 18-day trip covering the highlights of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Mark your calendars for March 30 – Apr 16, 2025!

And get in on a special deal, if you read to the end.

NicaTika will be a small group tour with a maximum of 18 travellers.

The trip will cover four destinations in Nicaragua and five in Costa Rica. I’m working with a Costa Rica-based company that specializes in organizing tours like this, that is owned by one who has guided for global leaders G Adventures, Intrepid and Tucan, and also for me (my former travel company did Central American tours, too).

This trip is about site-seeing and nature: volcanoes, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, tropical forests (think the Amazon in Costa Rica), tropical birds and animals, butterflies, palm trees.

This trip is about relaxing: Pacific and Caribbean beaches, Lake Nicaragua, sun, palm trees and hammocks.

This trip is about exposure: it’s an overview of numerous places, none in depth (though it may inspire you to come back to explore some of them in more depth,) exposure to the people, culture and history of these 2 similar but contrasting countries.

This is about adventure: optional activities include hiking, surfing, zip-lining (we’ll go to where the sport was invented), rafting, volcano-boarding, canyoneering, rappelling, snorkelling. But if you don’t like adventure, you can ignore them all and still fill up your days completely with site-seeing and relaxation.

“What’s the catch?” you ask, and “how much will it cost?”

Well, I’m not doing it to make big money. It’s more about my passion to introduce you, my readers, to the benefits of travel and specifically this part of our planet.

If you’ve looked into overseas travel, you’ll see that group trips tend to range between about $100 (think hostels) and $700 per day. Most tours of the kind we’re planning go in the $200 – $300 range.

Some details are still to be confirmed, but we’re trying to keep it to around $200/day. Full pricing will be available within weeks.

I expect this trip to sell out quickly.

BUT, here’s the good news for those on this list! You get this information before anyone else, because I want you to get first crack at this incredible opportunity. And I want to give you the best deal. So, for the next 5 days, until midnight, June 16, people on this list will get first priority for the trip. You’ll be the first in line when the doors open. If you fill it up, no one else will even get a chance.

Here’s my offer: The first person from this list who responds, expressing interest, will get $200 off the price of the trip, the second will get $150 off, and the next 3 will each get $100 off. And everyone from this posting who responds within the next 5 days will go into a draw for one additional $200 off.

So, if you have even the slightest interest, you’ll want to reply to this post immediately. Just hit the reply button below and write “I want to be first on the NicaTika trip.” You must include that phrase in your reply.

It will cost you nothing, but it will reserve your spot in line. Once the full details are out, you’ll have a short period to confirm you’re in, with a deposit of $400. If you decide then not to go, it won’t cost you a thing, you’ll only lose your place in line and the next person behind you will move up. Which is another reason to reply if you don’t make the first five; you may later move up.

So, you’ll want to hit that Reply immediately! You’ll be notified of your position in line and your potential to save on the trip.

The full details will be out soon.

So why wouldn’t you Reply?

Unless you hate travel.