Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own Rent 2 Ownis a program with a difference. At Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own, the difference is YOU! You are part of a team that pulls together to work for a successful win-win conclusion to your aspirations.

We start with you, the renter who deserves to be a homeowner, not with an inventory of homes that we are trying to find buyers for. This means that we don’t try to fit you into a limited selection of homes. Instead, we send you out to find the home of your dreams. Then we buy it for you, with a contracted lease-to-own option. Along the way, you will meet other dedicated members of our team:

You’ve already met Ron, the Program Director, through the videos on this site. You’ll also meet our friendly realtor, who is knowledgable about our program and serves the entire Fraser Valley; our mortgage broker, who will get you the mortgage in the end; and our credit coach, to make sure you are prepared to get that mortgage. Working behind the scenes will also be our lawyer, who understands our rent 2 own program and will devise the right contract for you; our building inspector, to make sure there are no issues with the property you select; and investors, who are really investing in your success, and without whom  we couold not offer this service.

Unlike many rent-to-own programs, we are not simply a home listing service, nor realtors or landlords trying to dump a house. We are professional local real estate investors with a passion to help as many local people as possible enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

It is our intention to ensure that every deal we enter into completes with a fully satisfied home-owner. We will work with you throughout the tenancy period to elevate your situation to where the banks will be happy to give you the mortgage you deserve. We, of course, expect the same effort from you.

If our program seems like the one that could get you into the home of your dreams, please start out by filling out this brief application.

Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own

P.S. – Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own is a founding member of CAROP, the Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professional. CAROP has members from coast to coast, each operating in their chosen territories. Their programs vary, but all are committed to being ethical and professional.

To learn more about CAROP, please visit their website.

Ron Geddert, president & CEO
Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own

Owning your own home is within reach.

Rent 2 Own Calculator

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