Hey, have this crazy inflation and rising interest rates affected you? Statistics show that most Canadians are being considerably impacted.

It’s affecting everything, from groceries to transportation to haircuts. It’s certainly affecting rental rates, too. Maybe yours.

Other research shows that the main contributor to inflation is now the rise in interest rates.

Yet the Bank of Canada keeps raising them–to fight the problem they’re creating.

Please . . . help me understand this twisted logic!

It’s certainly impacting homeowners with mortgages. Big time! Besides all those other bigger bills everyone faces, it’s creating huge increases in monthly payments.

Do you know anyone who might be struggling with those increases?

Homeowners with variable rate mortgages face them along the way. Those with fixed rates face them when it comes time to renew. Some are facing them now.

It’s putting them under financial stress. Some are even facing foreclosure.

Yikes! That’s a terrible prospect! Not only will that kill their credit file, but it may also keep them from qualifying to own a home again for seven years, perhaps even for life.

The sad part is that, in many cases, it’s not necessary! They can avoid it!

. . . if they only knew how.

You see, that’s where, often, we can step in and save them from foreclosure!

They get to stay in the home in which they’ve become comfortable and built up their equity. No moving! No permanent loss of equity! No credit disaster! And a huge relief of stress!

Here’s how it works. Instead of losing their home to the bank, we make an arrangement to buy the home from them at a price that will clear off their mortgage and possibly other debts.

They give up title to the property for a designated period. They rent their own home back from us during that period while going through a program to restore their credit worthiness and get them re-qualified for a mortgage. At the end of the designated period, they get back the title to the property. A seamless process.

It’s like a match made in heaven: No foreclosure. No black mark on their credit. And any temporary loss of equity is restored over the term.

Seems like an obvious solution, with a very happy ending.

But here’s the deal. Most stressed homeowners aren’t aware that they can avoid foreclosure in this way. And many who are in financial stress are reluctant to talk about it.

So, how do we find them? And how do they find us?

Maybe you can help. Do you have any homeowner friends whom you know are financially stressed?

Would you feel good about helping them to avoid the indignity and financial disaster of a foreclosure? Would they feel good about you helping them to avoid it?

It’s as simple as having you refer them to our program to help solve their challenge. We promise confidentiality and to always create a win-win scenario that will benefit them in the end.

We can’t help everyone; there are certain conditions that need to be met. And we can’t help at high property values. And, if the foreclosure has already been court-ordered, then it’s likely too late for us to save them.

But in that period between the lender’s demand for repayment and the court order (that period when everyone is reluctant to talk about it, but the stress level is through the roof), that’s the time to call us.

We’ve helped some before. We can help more.

Maybe your friends? Maybe you?