Did you see it? That was the number of my last post. It means, with an average of nearly 40 posts a year, I’ve been doing this for over ten years.

So, indulge me in a bit of reflection.

Most people are on this list because they signed up on the Fraser Valley Rent 2 Own website. That’s why this blog/newsletter was started, to engage with and educate those interested in exploring the rent-2-own option.

But it’s become much bigger than that. Others are on this list simply because they enjoy the things I write (I’m deeply gratified when I hear that!) or want to keep in touch with my life.

So the posts are not only about real estate or rent 2 own, though many of them are. A lot of them are simply “reflections on life,” my own life or that of what’s going on around my world.

Some are serious, some are light, some are simply informational. Hopefully, they’re all thought-provoking.

But even those non-R2O related posts play a role in marketing my rent 2 own program because, it’s known, “people tend to deal with those they know, like, and trust.” All my posts help to build that relationship.

There’s no doubt that these posts have been a factor in a good number of the people we’ve been able to help through the R2O deals we’ve made.

There are some, of course, who dislike that I branch out to topics not directly related to my business—after all, that’s why they signed up. I get the occasional angry response.

That doesn’t bother me one bit; it simply reflects the wide variety of people on the database. Besides, it’s my platform; I can write whatever I want, right? (Also, wouldn’t it get awfully boring if every post was a marketing pitch for rent 2 own? Half the time I wouldn’t even know what to write that was new or different—and, frankly, I hate getting my Inbox filled with marketing from companies giving me the same old blather day in and day out. I hit the delete button pretty quickly on those. I never want to be one of those types of enterprises.)

And speaking of wide variety, did you know that my 400th post last week went out to 6951 email addresses? Of course, not everyone reads every post. But that’s nearly 7000 people who’ve seen fit to keep subscribing. (New ones are, of course, added and some unsubscribe, every week.)

But the fact that the posts lead readers to get to know me also has bit of a down side. When I run into them, as occasionally happens, they think we know each other, that we’re already friends. But, heh, they might feel like they know me, but I don’t know them. Maybe we could be friends, but . . .

A few further reflections:

I do this for myself, too. I enjoy writing. In one of my past careers, I was publisher/editor of a national periodical. I had to write editorials, and numerous other articles every two weeks. I’ve continued my love for writing, sometimes creatively, sometimes technically, whatever . . . So, writing is self-fulfilling for me. Others find their creative edge in other ways, and their paths to self-fulfillment on other trails. This is one of mine.

It’s important for me too, to stay on top of changes related to the industry, and to pass that on to you.  It’s gratifying that, on occasion, experts have informed me that even they heard it first through my post.

Do I think that I’m saving the world through my written meanderings? No. I know better than that. But I also know that I’ve helped some people, some of the time, with the thoughts I’ve expressed. That’s good enough for me.

You might wonder, “Which are my favorite posts?” Well, I’ve had quite a few, but a very early one that sticks in my mind is <this one> <Jodi, please put in a link here to July 25, 2013 “Baseball pitchers and real life.”> I also have a fondness for those that educate about our rent-2-own program, such as those at the bottom of the “Recent Posts” list that I keep on here for you to check out.

I once thought about putting together a booklet of some of the best posts over the years. Maybe the marking of the 400th post is a good time to do so. But I’d need your help to decide which ones to include. Do you recall any favorites? (To refresh your memory, you could look them all up on our website, and many are on our Facebook page, too.) I’d like to hear what you think.

Regardless, I’m not about to terminate this platform anytime soon. Read my posts if and when you like. And if you read one you don’t like, know that someone else is probably liking that one and, at any rate, I’ve had a sense of satisfaction, or at least a cathartic experience, in writing it.

And that I appreciate any feedback I get.